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The Benefits of Virtual Gift Cards for Coffee Lovers

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For the coffee lover in your life, there’s no shortage of gift options available.  You could spoil them with a gourmet bag of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans, or the latest brewing paraphernalia.

But what if you do not fully understand their tastes and preferences? More importantly, what if you haven’t a clue what they already have in their collection?

The last thing you want is to waste good money on Jamaican coffee, if they’re already sitting on a stockpile of the stuff. Or for that matter anything, or anything else they have no need for.

A Christmas shopping conundrum?  Not at all - you simply need to discover the gift that is the virtual gift card.

Now more than ever, the benefits of ‘virtual’ gift giving are coming into their own. The events of the past 18 months have transformed the way millions approach all aspects of everyday retail.

Christmas shopping is no different, which for many has lost at least some of its sparkle. At least, Christmas shopping in the conventional sense.

All of which is where virtual gift cards come into play, making it safe, convenient and easy to give thoughtful gifts this Christmas. In particular, the biggest benefits of virtual gift cards for the coffee lover in your life are as follows:

  1. You Don’t Have to Venture Out. Firstly, the gourmet coffee gift card of their dreams is literally right at your Virtual gift cards can be purchased online in just a few clicks, delivered digitally with no venturing outdoors required.
  1. Neither do They. The same benefit also applies to the recipient, who can order anything and everything they want from the comfort of home.  What could be better than the finest Jamaican blue Mountain coffee beans, delivered straight to your door?
  1. It Shows Thought and Sentiment. A gift card to be spent on high-end coffee products shows that you understand the recipient and know exactly what makes them tick. Far more so than a generic virtual gift card, which really does not say a great deal at all.
  1. The Chance to Try Something New. The whole point of a gift card is that it is used to buy yourself something you wouldn’t normally. Case in point, an ultra-premium bag of Jamaican coffee beans as the ultimate indulgence. Why not inspire your favorite coffee lover to indulge in something truly exquisite this Christmas?
  1. It’s Never Too Late. Left things until the last minute once again?  Not a problem - it takes mere minutes to process and produce a virtual coffee gift card. Even at the eleventh hour on Christmas Eve, there’s still plenty of time to save Christmas!

At Hayman Coffee, our goal is to make virtual gift cards a flexible, versatile and inspiring alternative to traditional Christmas gifts.

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