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5 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Coffee Lovers

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Technically speaking, having a coffee-lover in your life can actually make Valentine’s Day a good deal easier. If you know what your significant other is into, it becomes much simpler to shop for Valentines Day gifts.

The sheer range of coffee-related Valentines gifts for him and her available right now is mind-blowing. All of which can make it difficult to know where to start, but it’s better to have too many Valentines Day ideas than no ideas at all.

In any case, our team has come up with a shortlist of five fool-proof Valentines Day gifts you simply cannot go wrong with. All of which are ideal Valentines gifts for him and for her – any self-confessed coffee-lover would be delighted with the following:

1) A Coffee Subscription Box

This is one of the best ways of introducing someone to a wide variety of gourmet coffee products. You could treat them to a bag of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans, or you could set up a subscription for regular deliveries. Both are great options, but the latter brings more variety into the mix. A coffee subscription box is quite literally the gift that keeps on giving.

2) A Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket

Alternatively, why not use a pack of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans as the basis for a super-romantic coffee gift basket? Fill it with all the goodies they know and love, along with a handful of specialty coffees they have not yet tried for themselves. Packed out with heart-shaped chocolates, red ribbons and so on, you really cannot go wrong.

3) Coffee Making Classes

Whether virtual or at a nearby coffee shop, there are countless classes and courses available in the art of brewing quality coffee. This can be a particularly enjoyable outing if you book a course or class for both of you, allowing you to share the experience together. On the practical side of things, you might also be surprised as to just how far a few tips and tricks from a professional barista can take your home coffee brewing capabilities.

4) A Coffee-Themed Dinner

Going all out to cook a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner is perhaps the ultimate failsafe Valentine’s Day gift idea. Even if it turns out to be a disaster, you still earn major points for making the effort! This year, why not come up with a coffee-themed menu that incorporates java into a bunch of creative recipes?  Head online for inspiration – there are endless options for bringing coffee into your culinary creations.

5) Go for a Gift Card

Last but not least, virtual gift cards are always Valentines day ideas you cannot go wrong with. Along with showing thought and the fact that you understand their obsession with coffee, you also give them the opportunity to choose their own gift from a near-limitless online collection. Flexible, issued in seconds and available in almost any denomination, a coffee gift card is a quick and easy Valentine’s Day idea that never fails to be well received.

At Hayman’s online coffee store, you will easily find the perfect Valentines day gifts, including the world-famous Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Alternatively, you can offer your loved one of our convenient virtual gift cards that can exchanged into any product in our gourmet coffee selection – click here to order now!