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The London Coffee Festival

The London Coffee Festival celebrates London’s vibrant and bustling coffee scene and is also the launch event of UK Coffee Week™.

With more than 23,500 visitors in 2015, the event showcases London’s diversity and its place as one of the most advanced coffee cities in the world.

The event features more than 250 artisan coffee and gourmet food stalls, tastings and demonstrations from world-class baristas, interactive workshops, street food, coffee-based cocktails, live music, art exhibitions and much more.

Hayman will be exhibiting at the London Coffee Festival on 7-10 April 2016, Europe’s largest coffee and artisan food event, visit us there!

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Hayman on the News

November 27, 2015

Hayman has been consistently featured on the international media in recognition of its extraordinary coffee and unique quality-above-everything approach.

Yahoo stated that we offer "the world's finest capsule coffee".

PR Newswire highlighted the fact that our "capsules are compatible with Nespresso® and roasted to order - coffee freshness is at its peak when it reaches the customer".

The International Business Times was impressed by the presentation and said that "the beautiful, luxury case highlights the uniqueness of the treasure inside and makes it an original and exclusive gift”.

Market Watch was truly inspired by the sensory experience, confirming that "this extraordinary coffee, known for its sweetness, chocolate notes and mildness, is the best in the world”.

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Coffee Processing

There are two main ways used to process coffee: the dry and the wet methods, which have the power to influence the final tasting notes of the coffee.

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The coffee tree was discovered more than 1,000 years ago in Ethiopia. Given that the word coffee sounds similar to Kaffa, a region in Ethiopia, it is believed that the term coffee comes from there. The coffee tree produces fruits very similar to cherries, which carry inside the coffee beans.

There is the well-known legend of Khaldi, a goat herder, who noticed that his goats were showing a particularly energetic behaviour. After investigating the situation, he realized that they had been chewing on cherries from a tree nearby. After chewing some of these mysterious fruits himself, Khaldi felt equally energized.

He then decided to take these “supernatural” cherries to a nearby monastery where, out of fear, they ended up being thrown at a fire. The initial cherries became roasted beans and were subsequently boiled in water by the local monks, who became intrigued by its characteristic aroma and flavour. The monks rapidly learned that coffee had the power to keep them awake for longer, and the rest is history…

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Source: Academia do Café® 


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The two main coffee species are Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee, responsible for about 60% and 40% of all world coffee production, respectively. The best Arabica coffee is also known as specialty coffee / speciality coffeegourmet coffee, or third wave coffee.

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