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Five Ways to Cook with Coffee This Valentine’s Day

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We mentioned in a recent post the potential for brining coffee-based dishes into the ultimate Valentine’s Day dinner. If cooking up a storm is one of your main Valentines Day gifts this year, it needs to be something special!

For the coffee-lover in your life, there’s no shortage of recipes to spoil them silly with. Best of all, you don’t necessarily need to splash out on premium Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee to create gorgeous concoctions in the kitchen. Quality counts when cooking with coffee, but commodities like Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, the best Jamaican coffee, are best reserved for drinking!

As for what to cook this Valentine’s Day, a little creativity goes a long way. If looking to bring coffee into your Valentines Day ideas, you’ll find (literally) thousands of weird and wonderful recipes online. Though of all the treats you can prepare for a romantic evening, the five below are our personal favorites:

1) Bittersweet Chocolate Soufflés

This is more or less your traditional souffle recipe, though spiked with a couple of decent spoons of quality instant coffee. The result is a bittersweet mocha-spiked dessert that’s no less than heavenly – particularly when accompanied with a rich dollop of vanilla ice cream.

2) Cold Brew Coffee Cocktails

Whip up a batch of cold brew and use it as the basis for as many creative cocktails as you like. Simply perked up with a shot of vodka and with a splash of cream added, you’ve a gorgeous aperitif to serve on ice.

3) Coffee-Rubbed Steaks

Or for that matter, any other lump of high-quality meat you intend to cook up this Valentine’s Day. There are endless recipes available for sweet, spicy and often smoky dry rubs where coffee is the star or the show. Just be sure to choose the right rub for the right type of meat – the rest is pretty much fool-proof.

4) Homemade Coffee Ice Cream

Don’t use the fact that you don’t have an ice cream maker as an excuse for not making your own ice cream. It’s quick, easy and you get to experiment to your heart’s content with your favorite ingredients. Use high-quality coffee as the main flavor in your homemade ice cream and take it from there.

5) A Cup of Gourmet Coffee

Last up, no romantic Valentine’s Day dinner would be complete without a cup of super-premium coffee. This is where you’ll want to reach for those Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee beans – a great Valentine’s Day gift idea in their own right. The more exclusive the coffee, the bigger the treat for both of you!

A World of Ideas to Explore

As mentioned, there really is no shortage of inspiration out there for memorable and meaningful Valentine’s Day ideas. If you know your significant other is coffee-obsessed, it’s even easier to find perfect Valentines Day gifts.

It’s just that cooking a romantic meal from scratch is something you can’t go wrong with. A tried, tested and trusted romantic gesture that’s guaranteed to get you on their good side!

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