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Valentine’s Day Coffee Gift Baskets: What to Include

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A Valentine’s Day coffee gift basket is a surprisingly simple and yet one of those 100% fool-proof Valentines Day ideas. If there’s a coffee lover in your life, a personally assembled collection of coffee-related gifts cannot fail to send the right message.

Valentines gifts for him and for her that are genuinely unique are always well received. It’s simply a case of deciding what to put in your basket, which in all instances should include a selection of the following:

1) Coffee

Not just any coffee, but the kind of gourmet coffee they would not normally indulge in. For example, a bag of premium Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans is almost guaranteed to make their day. Focus on the kind of stuff they cannot pick up randomly in a typical supermarket and treat them to something special.

2) More Coffee

Why stop at just a single bag of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans? We are talking Valentine’s Day, after all, so what better opportunity to push the boat out with a whole bunch of gourmet coffee? Variety is the spice of life, so be sure to include a good selection of high-quality coffees in your gift basket.

3) Syrups and Additives

Some people turn their nose up at additives, while others simply cannot get enough of them. In any case, there’s no shortage of fantastic options to choose from, so it’s worth throwing a few in. Just try to stick with those that are most natural, rather than packed with overpowering synthetic ingredients.

4) Cakes and Biscuits

There really is nothing that brings even further enjoyment to a good cup of coffee than an equally delicious accompaniment. Cakes and biscuits are therefore a no-brainer, but can be taken to new heights in romantic terms by taking the time to bake your own. Even if the results are not particularly pretty, you’ll still earn major points for trying!

5) Chocolates

Another epic accompaniment to a good cup of coffee, which also makes for a perfect romantic gift. Even just a handful of heart-shaped chocolates scattered around the other bits and pieces in your gift basket really can make all the difference. And let’s face it – who doesn’t like chocolate?

6) Tea Leaves

Don’t forget that there is nothing to say you have to stick exclusively with coffee. If you know they are also partial to a good cup of tea, why not include some high-quality tea leaves in your gift basket? Not forgetting some kind of strainer to brew them with, if you’re not entirely sure whether they already have one.

7) A Coffee Cup

Last but not least, all coffee gift baskets should include a high-quality coffee mug that is a pleasure to use. If preferred, you can go for something sweet and sentimental that’s the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift. Alternatively, set your sights on something more understated and timeless, which they’ll be delighted to use 365 days a year.

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