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Six Valentines Day Gifts to Never, Ever Give Your Partner

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We recently published a series of posts covering the perfect Valentines gifts for him or her, if there’s a coffee-lover in your life. From prestigious Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, the best Jamaican coffee, through all the latest gadgets and hardware, there really is no shortage of Valentines Day ideas available.

At the opposite end of the scale, you have the kinds of token offerings that aren’t exactly conducive with the spirit of Valentine’s Day. By this, we’re talking about the Valentines gifts for him or her you should never, EVER give your partner. At least, not if you want the relationship to continue as far as Valentine’s Day next year!

With this in mind, here’s a brief rundown of several Valentines Day gifts for him or her that could have the opposite of the intended effect:

1) Household Appliances

Not only are household appliances not really gifts, but they’re also shared assets you’ll both be using. Of course, a fantastic coffee machine is an exception to the rule for the coffee-lover in your life – as long as it really is primarily for them.  By contrast, things like toasters, microwave ovens and kettles aren’t the most romantic of gestures on earth.

2) Anything to Do with Weight

Weight loss supplements, a subscription to a weight loss magazine, a shiny new set of bathroom scales – all guaranteed to leave you firmly in the doghouse.  Even if it’s what they asked for, these are the kinds of ‘gifts’ that have no place in Valentine’s Day. Go for something safer and let them buy these kinds of items themselves.

3) An IOU

This is perhaps one of the Valentines Day ideas, which far too many people attempt to get away with each year. Having forgotten or simply not bothered to buy anything, you pop an IOU in a crappy card and expect it to be well received. When in reality, all you’re saying is that you had far better things to do than to shop for even the most basic of Valentines Day gifts.

4) The Obvious Panic Present

A ‘panic present’ refers to a gift you receive which has absolutely nothing to do with your interests, your personality or perhaps even Valentine’s Day itself.  Instead, it is something that has been picked up out of pure panic at the last moment, simply to avoid not giving anything at all. Whether a panic present is better than no present at all is open to debate, but it’s definitely not going to go down well.

5) A Handwritten Voucher for a Future Gesture

Last up – why not just make the gesture right now? Unless you have a seriously good excuse for not being able to do so, these cliché ‘gifts’ should be avoided at all costs whether it’s a romantic dinner, a weekend away or some sort of tangible gift, book it/buy it give it on the day – not a questionable promise of something to follow in future.

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