Five Coffee-Related Father’s Day Gifts All Dads Will Love

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If you have being keeping up with our blog, you’ll have picked up our recent post on fathers day gift ideas. If your dad simply cannot get enough coffee, there’s no shortage of amazing fathers day gifts to choose from online.

This is why we decided to extend our list of ideal gifts for dad this father’s day, with a few other ideas we came up with in the meantime. If still struggling to make sense of the various fathers day gifts available, any of these gifts for dad are guaranteed to hit the nail on the head:

Gift Idea #1. A Coffee Hamper

This is perhaps the ultimate no-brainer, given how it combines multiple gifts into the same basket. Pair some Panama Geisha coffee beans (a.k.a. Gesha coffee) with some chocolates and maybe a coffee grinder and you’re good to go. Alternatively, pack some Panama Geisha coffee beans alongside some Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and some other gourmet coffee beans for a package of pure indulgence. Of course, there are always plenty of pre-made coffee hampers and coffee gift baskets available, if preferred.

Gift Idea #2. Coffee Chocolates

Another obvious go-to for father’s day is chocolate, which today can be picked up in the form of countless different types of gourmet coffee chocolate. Pairing coffee and chocolate really is a match made in heaven – perhaps something to consider popping into your DIY coffee hamper? Think beyond the beverage itself and get creative with chocolates, candies and any other treats you can track down.

Gift Idea #3. The Gift of Cold Brew

This is a great father’s day gift idea for the reason that it encourages experimentation. If your dad isn’t already into the whole cold brew coffee thing, he will be after this. Even those who are somewhat sceptical about it tend to completely change their minds when they actually try it first-hand. Cold brew is simply fantastic and a whole new world of experimentation. It can also be the perfect excuse to invest in a new gadget or two – always great gifts for dad!

Gift Idea #4. A Coffee Helix

Speaking of gadgets, this is just about as simple as a coffee making contraption gets. Nevertheless, it’s also fantastically easy to use, incredibly versatile and capable of brewing a simply gorgeous cup of coffee. Paired with some filter papers, you have yourself everything you need to brew delicious coffee when out and about. Perfect for dads who spend time outdoors, or fancy themselves as adventurous types!

Gift Idea #5. An Insulated Mug

Last but not least, this ties in with the above – another fantastic gift for dads with a taste for the great outdoors. Or for that matter, dads who like taking their favorite coffee with them on the road at any time and for any reason. Insulated mug technology has come a long way over the years, enabling coffee lovers to keep their coffee hot for several hours in even the coldest conditions. Go for something personalized if you like, or something more elegant and understated if preferred.

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