How To Choose The Perfect Father’s Day Gift For A Coffee Lover

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On one hand, shopping for a coffee fanatic ahead of father’s day has never been easier. On the other, the sheer range of fathers day gifts available can make it difficult to know where to start.

Understandably, many people would prefer to keep clear of the more generic and uninspiring fathers day gift ideas. There’s no shortage of corny gifts for dad available, but something meaningful he will actually enjoy is always preferable.

This is where our own selection of coffee-based fathers day gift ideas has you covered. If looking to give the kinds of fathers day gifts that both mean something and serve a practical purpose, you can guarantee that each of the following coffee gifts for dad will be extremely well received:

Gift Idea #1. Gourmet Coffee Beans

First up, there’s no better time than father’s day to treat your dad to a bag of ultra-premium gourmet coffee, like Panama Geisha coffee beans (a.k.a. Gesha coffee). One of the most exclusive and sought-after of all luxury coffees, Panama Geisha coffee beans are a synonym for total prestige and sophistication. Of course, Panama Geisha coffee beans also hold the key to one of the best cups of coffee you will ever experience in your lifetime. Hence, the ideal father’s day gift in every way.

Gift Idea #2. Coffee Subscription

Better yet, why not organize a coffee subscription for your dad? This takes the gift of quality coffee a step further, by way of regular shipments of top-shelf coffees direct to his door. This is not only convenient (and safe in today’s tricky climate), but it also provides him with the opportunity to try a whole bunch of different coffees on a regular basis. A coffee subscription is literally one of those father’s day coffee presents that keeps on giving, month after month.

Gift Idea #3. Coffee Grinder

If your coffee-loving dad doesn’t already have a premium-quality coffee grinder, this is definitely what you should be setting your sights on. It is fundamentally impossible to make a perfect cup of coffee without achieving the perfect consistency when grinding the beans. This is where a good coffee grinder can make all the difference, and can also be a long-term investment in a quality piece of hardware.

Gift Idea #4. Coffee Brewing Gadgets

At the risk of stereotyping, most dads would admit they enjoy playing around with gadgets. In which case, there’s really no shortage of wonderful brewing devices to choose from. Go for an Aeropress, a Hario V60 or the latest all-in-one bean to cup machine and it’s practically impossible to go wrong. All with endless options available to suit all budgets.

Gift Idea #5. Travel Cups

Last but not least, anyone with a passion for coffee will undoubtedly take it with them on the go. In which case, why not give the gift of a premium travel cup? Go for something simple and understated, elaborate and extravagant or fully personalized if you prefer. Along with giving a father’s day gift your dad will love, you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment each time he uses it as an alternative to a paper or plastic cup!

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