Geisha Coffee: Is the World’s Most Expensive Coffee Worth Paying For?

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Today, we thought we’d address one of the most controversial yet important questions on Geisha Coffee (a.k.a Gesha coffee):

Is it overrated?

It’s no secret that the fabulous world of gourmet coffee is a hotbed of snobbery and flash-in-the-pan fads. Nor is it rare for people to instinctively pay top-dollar for weird and wonderful coffees they’ve never heard of, simply because they’re fashionable at the time.

As such, it’s natural to question whether it’s a similar story with Panama Geisha coffee beans. Officially recognised as the most expensive coffee in the world, is Geisha coffee just another fad we’ll soon see the back of?

And if not, is Gesha coffee overrated, overhyped and overly expensive for what you get?

The Magic and Mystery of Panama Geisha Coffee Beans

If you’re the sceptical type, you may find yourself subconsciously hoping that Geisha Coffee is just another great gourmet coffee. As in, an enjoyable cup, but nothing you’d call life-changing. Nevertheless, one sip of the stuff and you’ll be wondering how it slipped you by for such a long time.

In a nutshell - Gesha coffee is the single most complex and flavourful coffee you will ever taste… period.

Most queries, concerns and complaints (unsurprisingly) relate to the sky-high price of Panama Geisha coffee beans. Indeed, one now-infamous batch sold for more than $600 per pound a while back, meaning those lucky enough to grab a cup of the finished product would be paying a minimum of $50 for the pleasure. Over in Asia, discerning folks don’t bat an eyelid of paying up to $85 a cup.

So if this is the case, how can something as simple as a cup of coffee justify such a high price?

The Complexity of Panama Geisha Coffee Beans

Think of it this way - some people aren’t willing to pay more than say £10 for a bottle of wine in the UK. Even then, they’ll consider this to be the very top-end of the spectrum. It’s not that they don’t like wine, it’s just that they don’t see how they’d get enough enjoyment out of a £100 bottle to justify the expense.  For them, the wine at £10 is as good as it gets.

By contrast, speak to a connoisseur with money to burn and they’ll tell you a £500 bottle of wine justifies every penny.

It’s exactly the same with coffee - a commodity that is worth the value we give it. Gourmet coffee can be spectacularly complex and deliver the same all-round sensory experience as fine wine. Gesha coffee isn’t just another cup of joe - it’s an incredibly complex coffee that’s bursting with rich and invigorating flavours.

The colour, the aroma, the mouth feel, the flavour and lingering aftertaste of Panama Geisha coffee beans are all simply extraordinary. And when you consider the tiny quantities in which it is produced annually, there’s no real argument against its premium price.

As we’ve said before, taste Gesha coffee just once and you’ll no longer question the cost… it’s a price that really is worth paying!

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