Six Ways to Spoil Your Enjoyment of Panama Geisha Coffee Beans

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The basics of brewing a good cup of Geisha coffee aren’t particularly difficult.  You simply grind your Panama Geisha coffee beans (a.k.a. Gesha coffee), combine them with hot water and away you go.

Still, there’s a reason why most people would admit that the Panama Geisha coffee they brew at home isn’t quite the same as at their favorite gourmet coffee shop. The fact that they use equipment that costs thousands of euros is of course a factor, but isn’t nearly as important as some of the simpler steps that need to be taken to brew amazing Gesha coffee.

As is often the case, identifying where you are going wrong holds the key to getting things right. With this in mind, detailed below are simple yet surprisingly effective ways of limiting your enjoyment of your Panama Geisha coffee beans:

1) Not logging your brew

By this, we mean keeping detailed records of each brew you prepare. This is really the only way of coming up with your perfect recipe and subsequently repeating it consistently. Log the amount of coffee you use, water quantities, temperatures, brew times, coarseness of coffee grounds and so on.

2) Using a low-quality electric or manual coffee grinder

Coffee grinders serve a purpose, but nonetheless make it borderline impossible to achieve a comprehensively consistent grind. There are exceptions at the top-end of the market, but most people go for bargain basement coffee grinders that simply pound coffee beans into submission. Not a good starting point for brewing exceptional Gesha coffee.

3) Using water of poor quality

If not poor quality, then water that’s laced with so many minerals and compounds that it takes a toll on the taste and fragrance of your coffee. The easiest way to avoid this is to invest in a decent filter, passing your tap water through it at least once before heating it to make your coffee.

4) Not keeping your equipment clean

Just because your gear looks relatively clean doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of residue inside it, which could taint the quality of your coffee. If you’re going to splash out on premium Panama Geisha coffee beans, the least you can do is make the effort to keep your equipment as clean and sanitary as possible.

5) Using water that’s too hot

Anything over around 95° C and you run the risk of scalding the coffee grounds when adding the water. This is almost guaranteed to result in a harsh and bitter flavor, while at the same time killing off many of the subtle nuances of your Panama Geisha coffee beans.

6) Brewing with old beans or grounds

Last but not least, freshness holds the key to brewing the kind of coffee you’d expect at a five-star coffee shop. Immediately after being roasted and especially after being ground, coffee beans begin to lose their freshness, their fragrance and their flavor. Fresher is always better when brewing coffee – especially with artisan beans like Panama Geisha.

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