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Six Reasons to Get into Hario V60 Coffee Right Now

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For all the weird and wonderful coffee making methods in the world, it’s sometimes nice to take things back to basics. Precisely where the V60 coffee brewing method’s primary point of appeal lies - simplicity.

The Hario V60 coffee making device is, in essence, nothing more than a simple yet highly effective pour over coffee gadget. One that’s been precision-engineered to get the job done brilliantly, but nonetheless a comprehensively simple and perfectly practical coffee maker.

So, in celebration of an all-time classic that’s been around for generations, here are six reasons you really need to get into V60 coffee right now: 

1) It's Practical and Portable

For one thing, the Hario V60 coffee brewing method opens the door to fantastic coffee any place and at any time. It has no moving parts, no electronic parts and no complex maintenance requirements - all you need is some quality coffee grounds, a paper filter and some hot water. Trips to the beach, camping in the great outdoors, picnics with friends - the opportunities are endless!

2) Superior Extraction for Better Results

Classic pour over coffee may be simple, but the use of a paper filter in a V60 makes for a consistently clean and crisp flavor. Paper filters hold onto some of the oils and residues from the beans, while removing practically all solid mass from the resulting brew. Plus, you can experiment with different quantities and consistencies of coffee grounds to your heart’s content.

3) It’s as easy as it gets

Speaking of which, you really don’t need a complex 25-point guide to get to grips with the fine art of V60 coffee brewing. Experimentation holds the key to finding your perfect recipe, which is half the fun of the whole thing. Pour over coffee is considered by many connoisseurs to be the real deal - coffee as it should be. Plus, you’ve greater control over the brewing process than you’d have with almost any other method, as an added bonus.

4) It’s cheap and environmentally friendly

V60 gadgets vary significantly in price from one product to the next, but the most basic Hario V60 coffee makers are quite affordable. In addition, they’re practically unbreakable and therefore represent exceptional value for money.  All of which adds up to an environmentally-friendly choice, which you’ll be using proudly for years or decades to come.

5) It’s surprisingly therapeutic

There’s something uniquely satisfying about brewing a good cup of coffee using the classic pour-over extraction method. Far more enjoyable and therapeutic than just hitting the button on an automated electronic device. It’s not like using a V60 takes much time or effort, but you’ll still get way more out of the experience than you might expect.

6) The chance to show off

Last but not least, anyone wishing to do so can use a V60 to show off their brewing skills to friends and family members. Particularly if you invest in one of the more elaborate devices, to be used alongside a gooseneck kettle. Go full hipster barista if you like, experimenting with all the small-batch artisan coffees you can lay your hands on!

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