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How to Make the Perfect Cup of Hario V60 Coffee

Hario V60, V60 coffee

Perhaps the biggest points of appeal with the Hario V60 coffee brewing method is its simplicity. V60 coffee is made using the traditional pour over coffee technique, incorporating little more than a filter and the vessel for the coffee itself.

Though it has to be said that making the perfect cup of V60 coffee isn’t a case of simply making things up as you go along. Take the time to bring a little precision into the equation and you’ll notice a real difference with every cup you brew.

Here’s a brief summary of the equipment you’ll need to brew an unbeatable cup of V60 coffee:

Measuring and weighing things as precisely as possible may seem excessive, but trust us - it’s the smallest adjustments that add up to a big difference!

V60 Coffee Brewing Method

Moving on, here are the five simple steps you’ll need to follow to take your V60 to an entirely new level:

  • Step One - Measure the quantity of coffee you need, which for this particular recipe involves 40g (i.e. 1.4oz) of coffee grounds for around 640ml (i.e. 21.6 fl oz) of water. Heat the water as precisely as possible, aiming for the sweet spot of 96° C (i.e. 205° F).
  • Step Two - When the water has reached the ideal temperature, place the paper filter inside the V60 device. Pour a moderate quantity of water over the filter to remove residual debris and to preheat it.
  • Step Three - Place the ground coffee (ideally ground just beforehand) into the filter, without succumbing to the temptation to ‘tamp’ it down at all. Just make sure it is evenly distributed in the filter, before continuing.
  • Step Four - At this point, you’ll want to pour approximately 80g (i.e. 2.8oz) of the water over the grounds and set your stopwatch going.
  • Step Five - After 30 seconds, pour over the rest of the water slowly and in a spiral-motion, starting in the center and working your way towards the edges. Continue with this circular motion until you have poured all of the water, which ideally should take around 2 minutes.

With the process completed, it’s simply a case of giving your V60 an additional 30 seconds or so for the rest of the water to drip through. At which point, it is ready to serve - and it should be served immediately.

Sample, Assess and Repeat

Last up, it’s worth bearing in mind that this suggested ratio of 40g (i.e. 1.4oz) of coffee to 640ml (i.e. 21.6 fl oz) of water is a suggestion only. Getting it right with V60 coffee involves a fair amount of experimentation, adjusting the ratios in both directions until you find the perfect recipe for your personal taste.

In addition, experimenting with courser and finer coffee grounds can make a big difference to the final product, so it is worth playing with on occasion.

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