Five Surprising Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

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Image Credit - The Healthy Maven 

Cold brew coffee is one of the ultimate crowd-splitters on the gourmet coffee scene. For some, cold brew coffee really is the epitome of everything an outstanding cup of coffee should be. For others, it’s nothing more than a distraction from ‘traditional’ coffee at its best.

In any case, cold brew coffee has the potential to be delicious, versatile and enjoyable in the extreme. It also has a long list of associated benefits - some of which go over and above those of regular coffee.

So, irrespective of whether or not cold brew is your coffee of choice, here are a few of the benefits of cold brew coffee you may not be aware of:

1) A Kick of Caffeine

First up, a pretty sizable proportion of coffee drinkers are as interested in the caffeine kick as they are the flavor of the brew. If a caffeine kick is what you’re interested in, it’s worth remembering that cold brew coffee typically contains up to three times more caffeine than regular coffee.

This is due to the slow steeping process, which gives the liquid much more time to draw all the goodness out of the grounds. Cold brew coffee is technically supposed to be diluted, but can also be enjoyed in its ‘raw’ form if you need a serious energy boost.

2) Easier Weight Management

This is a benefit that extends to all types of coffee, though is accelerated where caffeine levels are elevated. Studies have shown that caffeine can assist the body’s natural calorie burning processes, while contributing to an efficient metabolism.

Most impressively, cold brew coffee has been shown to boost the body’s ability to burn calories after exercising. The perfect excuse to relax after a workout with a decadent cup of cold brew coffee.

3) A Less Acidic Experience

Most coffee brewing methods force compounds from coffee grounds using heat and high pressure. By contrast, cold brewing allows them to seep slowly and gently into the water. The result of which is a delicious and satisfying cup of coffee, which is exponentially smoother and less acidic than a comparable cup of conventional coffee.

All of which can be ideal for people with sensitive stomachs or digestive issues, who may find traditional coffee uncomfortable to consume.

4) The Easiest Brewing Method?

One of the most appealing aspects of cold brew coffee in general is that it is spectacularly simple to make. You can opt for a complex and sophisticated gadget if you like, but all you really need is a glass jar and something to strain the mixture.

Toss some coffee grounds and water in a jar, seal the lid and pop it in the fridge for 24 hours or so. Strain the liquid and voila - DIY cold brew coffee concentrate that’s good for at least a couple of weeks.

5) You Can Also Enjoy It Hot

Last up, even those who aren’t particularly enamored with the idea of cold coffee can still enjoy cold brew. Simply take a measure of your DIY concentrate, add some hot water and you’ve got yourself an exceptionally smooth and enjoyable cup of coffee.

All with absolutely no mess involved and no need to invest in anything complex or expensive.

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