Why is Cold Brew Coffee So Popular Right Now?

Cold brew, cold brew coffee

Slowly but surely, cold brew coffee is taking over as the world’s favorite ‘alternative’ coffee product. Hot java still rules the roost by a significant margin, but cold brew coffee is popping up in every shop, café and home like never before.

But what is it about cold brew coffee that makes it so popular? Given the fact that iced coffee has been around for such a long time, what is it about cold brew coffee that makes it so special?

First of all, it’s important to acknowledge (and appreciate) the difference between iced coffee and cold brew coffee. Whereas the former is simply hot coffee poured over ice, the latter is brewed by way of cold water extraction over a period of several hours.

The result of which is a brew that looks, smells and tastes nothing like traditional coffee. As for why this ‘new’ approach to brewing coffee is so popular, it’s all about the unique points of appeal cold brew coffee brings to the table.

Examples of which include the following:

1) Its Sheer Smoothness

Quite simply, there isn’t a coffee brewing method in the world that can produce a cup anywhere near as smooth as cold brewing. This is because the elimination of high temperatures completely eliminates all bitterness from the equation.  Some enjoy a challenging cup of coffee, but most (if being honest) make a beeline for smooth, silky and sublime java. In all three respects, cold brew coffee is unbeatable.

2) Up to 67% Less Acidic

Remarkably, a recent study found that a typical cup of cold brew coffee is around 67% less acidic than a comparable cup of regular coffee. This, in turn, helps maintain the body’s natural pH balance and could contribute to digestive health. If nothing else, a cup of coffee with significantly lower acidity levels is always going to be a smoother and more palatable cup.

3) No Additional Extras Necessary

Even if you would normally add a whole bunch of extras to a conventional cup of coffee, there’s a good chance you’ll love untainted cold brew. This is because cold brew coffee is naturally smoother and sweeter than regular coffee, eliminating the need for excessive quantities of cream, sugar and so on. For obvious reasons, this can be particularly useful when keeping tabs on your health, your wellbeing and your waistline.

4) Simplicity and Convenience

Not only is cold brew coffee ridiculously easy to make, but the resulting concentrated liquid can be stored in the refrigerator for around two weeks. All of which makes cold brew the most convenient coffee on the face of the earth for anyone juggling a busy lifestyle. As an added bonus, you also need no specialist equipment whatsoever to get the job done.

5) Endless Scope for Experimentation

Last but not least, the cold brew coffee brewing method produces a concentrated elixir that can be used in limitless ways. Keep it cold, heat it up, get creative with cocktails and bring as many weird and wonderful additions as you like into the equation. If you’re all about experimentation with coffee, cold brew really is just about as good as it gets.

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