Geisha Coffee FAQ: 4 Key Questions Answered

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Convincing somebody who hasn’t experienced Geisha coffee that it really is worth paying for can be tricky. There’s no escaping the fact that Panama Geisha coffee beans (also known as Gesha coffee) always have been and always will be a premium commodity.

Along with its scarcity, the fact that it’s one of the most delicious coffees on the face of the earth makes for a comparatively elevated price.

Nevertheless, those who know what Gesha coffee is all about are adamant it’s worth every penny and more. For the benefit of those still to experience it first-hand, here’s a brief FAQ on Panama Geisha coffee beans and their unique points of appeal:

1) Where Does Gesha Coffee Come From?

The production of Geisha coffee dates as far back as the 1930s, when it was first cultivated in Geisha, Ethiopia. It was subsequently exported to Panama where a series of small artisan farms began cultivating the best Panama Geisha coffee beans in the world. Even today, it’s still produced in small quantities in a small region of Panama – beans produced anywhere else cannot (or should not) be sold as Panama Geisha.

2) Is Geisha Coffee Really So Great?

The short answer is yes, but again it’s difficult to put the whole thing into words. Panama Geisha coffee is renowned for its cacophony of diverse fruity flavors – often with notes of mango, berry, guava, citrus, papaya, peach, jasmine and even pineapple. It’s a sweet, smooth, silky and luxurious experience, with unique notes and nuances with every new batch cultivated. You simply have to give it a try for yourself to understand what the fuss is all about…and you will!

3) Why Does Geisha Coffee Cost So Much?

The higher price of Panama Geisha coffee beans is attributed to two things. The first of which being its flavor and fragrance, which in both instances are simply out of this world. There’s no other coffee available that comes close to rivalling its complexity. Secondly, it’s an expensive commodity for the simple reason that there isn’t enough of it to go around. Demand continues to grow each year, though annual output from Panama’s leading farms remains minimal.

4) Is Panama Geisha Coffee Really Worth Paying For?

Last up, the short answer as to whether it’s really worth paying for is yes – and again for two good reasons. Emphasizing the same point once again, there simply isn’t another coffee in the world that has a comparable fragrance or flavor to that of Panama Geisha coffee beans. It’s an indulgence that justifies every penny. In addition, as demand continues to grow for Panama’s proudest coffee export, prices are only set to continue increasing. Gesha coffee is as affordable now as it’s ever going to be, so you may as well treat yourself!

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