6 Golden Rules when Brewing Panama Geisha Coffee Beans | Gesha Coffee

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Panama Geisha coffee beans are an expensive and exclusive commodity to savor. There’s no such thing as cheap Panama Geisha coffee, nor are the best beans particularly easy to track down.

In which case, it simply makes sense to make the most of your specialty coffee. You’ve paid a premium price for Panama Geisha coffee beans (also known as Gesha coffee), so why ruin things with rookie mistakes during the brewing process?

The basics of brewing coffee aren’t particularly complicated, but a little care and attention along the way can make a real difference. If you’re serious about savoring every drop of your Panama Geisha coffee, this is what you need to focus on while preparing it:

1) The Right Consistency

Your preferred brewing method will determine how fine or coarse you should grind your beans. For example, espresso calls for a much finer grind than a French Press – get it wrong and it will have a major impact on the flavor of the resulting coffee. Where possible, use a burr grinder when preparing Gesha coffee.

2) Measure the Temperature

Don’t simply make assumptions regarding the appropriate water temperature. If you take your coffee seriously, investing in a decent thermometer to accurately measure the temperature of the water isn’t much to ask. Aim for approximately 92.2 – 94.4°C (i.e. 200°F ± 2°F) – never use boiling water.

3) Filter your Water

Even if the quality of the tap water in your area is relatively good, you’ll still notice a major difference by filtering it before using it. This will eliminate some of the trace minerals and contaminants that could otherwise influence the taste of your Gesha coffee, making for a cleaner and more enjoyable experience.

4) Take your Time

If using a manual brewing system (like pour over or French Press), don’t make the mistake of attempting to rush the job. Take your time and enjoy the ceremony of the whole thing, giving your ground Panama Geisha coffee beans ample time to infuse with the hot water.

5) Reconsider Excessive Accompaniments

Some coffees work great with certain added accompaniments like syrups, sugar and so on. However, there are also ultra-premium coffees that are best enjoyed as untainted as possible. Geisha coffee is one such example, which in its pure form is no less than an extraordinary taste sensation. Even if black coffee isn’t usually your preferred option, one taste of the best Panama Geisha coffee and you might just change your mind!

6) Grind as you Brew

Last but not least, don’t make the mistake of grinding more Geisha coffee beans ahead of time than you intend to use within the same day, or even the next few hours. Coffee begins to deteriorate and lose its fabulous fragrance and flavor profile much faster the moment the beans are ground. The closer to the moment of brewing you grind your beans, the more enjoyable the resulting brew will be.

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