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Why Virtual Gift Cards Are More Thoughtful

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The stigma surrounding gift cards and virtual gift cards is longstanding, to say the least. Not to mention, completely and utterly misplaced.

To assume that virtual gift cards convey a lack of thought and sentiment is to miss the mark entirely. After all, which is best – a virtual gift card that allows the recipient to pick up something they genuinely want, or a token gesture of a conventional gift with little to no practical value?

Virtual gift cards can be particularly great for the coffee lover in your life.  The more discerning the recipient, the more difficult it can be to come up with a truly inspiring gift idea. Plus, those who already seem to have everything in their collections can be particularly difficult to buy for.

Far from a shortcut or an easy way out (even though it is indeed just that), here are just a few of the reasons why virtual gift cards make ideal gifts for coffee lovers:

1) They Convey Genuine Thought and Sentiment

A coffee gift card shows the recipient that you have taken their tastes and preferences firmly into account. Rather than handing them a generic virtual gift card of a more general nature, you’ve specifically selected something that reflects their interests and passions. At this point, they can use it to pick up something they will genuinely enjoy, and think of you as they do so.

2) It Encourages Them to Treat Themselves

The whole point of a gift card is (or should be) that you buy yourself something you wouldn’t normally indulge in. With Hayman’s virtual gift card, a whole world of indulgent gourmet coffee is right there for the taking. A bag of fresh ground Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, a batch of Jamaican coffee beans to grind yourself at home, or perhaps the Panama Geisha coffee (a.k.a. Gesha coffee) you’ve always wanted to try but simply couldn’t afford. Virtual gift cards encourage recipients to treat themselves with the best coffee beans in the world and that really is what giving and receiving gifts is all about.

3) It’s Quick, Easy and Convenient

The fact that a virtual gift card has no physical form makes it one of the quickest, easiest and most convenient gifts you can give or receive. They can be organized (literally) at the last second and sent anywhere in the world in an instant by e-mail. After which, the recipient typically has as long as a year to spend the funds on whatever they like, so they can take their time and browse what’s on offer.

4) They’re Great for Seasonal Sales

Last up, a virtual gift card is as good as hard currency. This means that the balance on a virtual gift card can be used to pick up all the same discounted and sale items as would be the case with regular money. Over the Christmas and New Year period, in particular, there’s a whole world of unique and inspiring bargains to explore. Hence, with the right kind of virtual gift card, both you and the lucky recipient can get more for your money!

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