Is it More Expensive to Run a Keurig K Cup Coffee Maker?

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For decades, debate has raged as to if (and by how much) it costs more to run a Keurig K Cup coffee maker than a ‘traditional’ coffee machine. The general assumption is that to brew using single pods will always cost more on a cup-by-cup basis than brewing with an electric drip coffee machine, for example.

But as is often the case, there’s more to the whole Keurig coffee maker debate than meets the eye. Not to mention, a good reason why Keurig continues to account for as much as 25% of the entire ground coffee market in the US.

Considering the $100 billion value of the global coffee industry, that’s a pretty impressive (and lucrative) achievement.

But in terms of overall cost-effectiveness, does the K Cup method really cost a great deal more than brewing the ‘old-fashioned’ way?

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no straight “yes” or “no” answer. Instead, it depends on a handful of equally important factors, which differ significantly from one coffee drinker to the next.

How Much Coffee Do You Drink?

For example, those who drink no more than one or two coffees daily are unlikely to find the Keurig K Cup method extortionate. Depending on the type of coffee you drink, you pay as little as 40¢ per pod for Keurig K Cup coffee. Hence, if you’re spending less than a dollar a day on your caffeine fix, you’re not exactly going to be breaking the bank.

By contrast, a household (or office) where several-dozen coffees are brewed each day could be an entirely different story. Particularly if opting for a more sophisticated brew (like the extraordinary Panama Geisha coffee), where prices per coffee pod could be considerably higher. Hence, working out the cost-effectiveness of the options available begins with thinking carefully about how much coffee you drink.

How Important is Convenience?

Convenience has always been one of the biggest draws with the Keurig K Cup brewing method. Irrespective of the type of coffee you brew, it’s a simple one-button process. From generic supermarket brands to the rarest Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and Panama geisha coffee, one button is all it takes to get the job done with flawless precision.

The more prestigious the coffee, the greater the importance of carefully controlling every aspect of the brewing process. If you have neither the time nor the inclination to get serious with weights, measures, temperatures and brewing times, Keurig K Cup coffee could be right up your street.

How Refined Are Your Tastes?

Last up, working out the cost-effectiveness of K Cup coffee also means taking into account your own coffee preferences. For example, if Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee or Panama geisha coffee is your thing, you could not set yourself up with 100% pure coffee pods at a low price. Similarly, a bag of the same high-quality beans or grounds will never be cheap either.

As every pod is sealed for long-term freshness, you’ll never have to worry about a bag of beans or grounds going stale after being opened. If you only occasionally indulge in these types of coffees, pods could technically prove the more cost-effective option.

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