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What Is Panama Geisha Coffee?

Panama Geisha Coffee

Wine and coffee have a lot more in common than most realise. From appearance to aroma to flavour complexity and so on, there are hundreds of coffees produced all over the world that are fundamentally different. And also as tends to be the case with coffee, prices range from the sublime to the well and truly ridiculous.

But at the same time, there will always be those wines and coffees which more than justify their elevated prices, when considering what you get for your money. Some are simply overpriced, but when it comes to rare commodities like the famous Panama Geisha Coffee, value for money is not a subject of debate.

Especially when considering how all signs are pointing to this incredible coffee only getting more and more expensive over the coming years.

What is Panama Geisha?

Sticking with the wine comparison for a moment, coffee likewise comes out very differently in accordance with where and how it is produced. The soil in which it is grown, elevation, climate and so on will all have their own unique impact on the final product. As for Geisha, while it is typically associated with Panama, it actually originated in an Ethiopian region called…Gesha. More recently, it was brought over to Costa Rica and planted in very limited quantities across growing regions that mirrored those of its homeland.

What made Geisha stand out in the eyes of coffee growers was its superb robustness and resistance to leaf rust – a common disease that can wreak havoc with coffee trees. It caught the eye of coffee farmers in Panama who then began to grow it in slightly larger quantities. But it was only in 2004 following a poor year for coffee growers that a Geisha was picked and processed as single-variety coffee, without being mixed with other coffee types. As such, it was only then that it became apparent what an incredible coffee species it was – thus effectively beginning the story of the Panama Geisha Coffee we know and love today.

Just don’t be fooled by that name – coffee growers in Panama may have taken credit for it, but it’s actually a coffee that can be traced back to Ethiopia!

Growing Popularity of the Panama Geisha Coffee

There are basically two reasons why Panama Geisha Coffee is becoming more popular all the time. Firstly, there’s its combined reputation and rarity. These days, whenever there’s a coffee that’s available in limited quantities only and highly acclaimed in expert circles, it’s bound to become a coffee the people want. This is also the kind of thing that keeps prices high.

Then of course there’s the outstanding aroma and flavour profile that make Panama Geisha Coffee genuinely unique. The moment the water hits the coffee, it’s almost as if blinding beams of light burst out of the cup in every direction. Floral and delicate, the flavour profile is dominated by a pronounced note of bergamot with an undertone of honeysuckle. Some have called it the most complex and enjoyable coffee ever produced – others have gone so far as to say Panama Geisha Coffee is the closest we’ll ever get to heaven on earth.

Strong words, but understandable when you first sample the stuff. That said, there are plenty of farmers across Colombia, Costa Rica and elsewhere that are now desperately trying to recreate the magic of genuine Panama Geisha Coffee. Some attempts are decent enough – others are desperately disappointing. So if you’re going to invest in some Panama Geisha Coffee for yourself, you might want to ensure it’s the genuine article and not a second-rate imitation.

Coffee Prices on the Up

While Panama Geisha Coffee might be comparatively expensive now, things are only likely to continue on an upward trajectory going forward. There are two main reasons for this – the first of which being that climate change has the potential to make coffee production so much more difficult on a global basis. Many growers are already reporting inconsistencies in terms of the quality of the coffee being produced, meaning the very best is a rare and expensive commodity.

Along with this, the vast majority of the Panama Geisha Coffee produced is already making its way to China, meaning there’s less available for the rest of the world. Over recent years, a new generation of affluent Chinese citizens has begun something of an exodus away from tea in favour of coffee.

So as rare and valuable as Panama Geisha Coffee is today, it’s possible we’ve only just seen the very beginning of what’s to come.

If you wish to taste this amazing beverage and finally understand its true value, depth and intensity, you can order your Panama Geisha on our website.

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