Five Reasons to Buy a Keurig K Cup Machine for Your Office

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The office coffee machine plays a more important role than simply giving the workforce its essential caffeine fix. It’s also where people head to chat, to exchange ideas, and to simply escape from their desks for a few moments of welcome respite.

Across the world, the Keurig K Cup machine has been a popular choice for decades. A Keurig single serve coffee maker can make a great addition to any small or large office, as an alternative to a more conventional coffee machine.

But what is it about K Cup coffee that makes it such a popular choice for the workplace? Specifically, how do you stand to benefit by swapping out your classic coffee maker for a Keurig coffee maker?

1) Fresher Coffee for Everyone

With K Cup coffee, each and every cup is brewed fresh to order. By contrast, a conventional coffee pot could sit on the heater for hours on end, making it anything but fresh for those late to the party. If you want to treat your workers (and yourself) to super-fresh coffee, a K Cup machine takes some beating.

2) Faster and More Efficient

Certainly when compared to some types of coffee machines, a Keurig single serve coffee maker is so much quicker and easier to use. It typically takes no more than around 30-60 seconds for the brewing and pouring process to take place. This means less time wasted by the coffee machine, and more time spent focusing on the job.

3) A Cost-Effective Option

Buying pods for a K Cup in bulk can pave the way for considerable savings.  Either way, brewing K Cup coffee will always be significantly cheaper than heading to your favorite High Street coffee shop and picking up a takeaway order. This is something that could save you and your workers a serious amount of money long-term. All with the assurance of coffee that is just as enjoyable as any barista-poured cup.

4) Options to Suit all Tastes

Another advantage of having a Keurig K Cup coffee maker at work is how it gives people freedom of choice. Not all types of coffee are to everyone’s tastes, so you can stock up on a bunch of different types of K Cups to give everyone something they like. From the most generic mass-produced coffees to the most exquisite Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee money can buy (the best Jamaican coffee), it’s all available these days in the form of affordable K Cups.

5) Less Wasted Coffee

Last up, the traditional workplace coffee pot has a tendency to be a fairly wasteful piece of kit. Once the coffee has been standing for a couple of hours, it’s the norm for someone to simply pour it away and brew a fresh pot. Not the end of the world in its own right, but the kind of waste that quickly adds up over weeks, months and certainly years. With Keurig K Cups, you brew each individual cup to order, so no coffee at all goes to waste.

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