K Cup Coffee and Tea – Costs Vs Convenience

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Is it more expensive to brew K Cup coffee than ‘regular’ coffee?  The short answer is yes – a Keurig single serve coffee maker comes with a higher per-cup price.

Consequently, questions are commonly asked about the appeal of owning a Keurig K Cup coffee maker. If it is cheaper to pick up a traditional coffee machine and brew the old-fashioned way, why not do just that?

The answer...as with most things...depends on whom you ask. But given the fact that tens of millions of cups of Keurig K Cup coffee are brewed each day, it’s clearly a method that holds huge appeal.

A Question of Quality

There was a time when single serve coffee (like K Cup) was associated with coffee of a fairly low-quality standard. Or at least, it would not have been the choice for those with a taste for truly exquisite specialty coffee.

Today, quite the opposite is the case. From Kona coffee (i.e. the best Hawaiian coffee) to Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee (the finest Jamaican coffee) and more, some of the world's most prestigious and sophisticated coffees now come in K Cups.

In addition, the quality of the coffee that goes into each K Cup is as good as it gets. At least, if you shop with a good supplier who takes pride in getting the job done right.

So, in terms of quality, there’s really no difference between Keurig K Cup coffee and any other type of coffee you can brew. But given the fact that Keurig K Cup coffee technically works out more expensive, why does it remain so popular?

Convenience and Consistency

For most, the appeal of the K Cup brewing method lies in two things – convenience and consistency.

A few points to consider, when weighing up the whole costs vs convenience debate:

  • With a Keurig coffee maker, all aspects of the brewing process are controlled automatically. This includes the exact quantity of coffee required, the ideal coarseness of the grounds, the perfect water temperature for optimum extraction, the right amount of water, and the speed of the brewing process.
  • K Cups are also ideal for those who simply do not have the time (or inclination) to brew coffee the old-fashioned way. When time is a factor, you can simply press the button and have the machine take care of everything on your behalf.
  • This method of brewing coffee can also be surprisingly efficient, given how you only brew exactly how much you need with each use. Brewing a single cup of coffee at a time means no waste, and the guarantee of a super-fresh cup of coffee with every brew.
  • K Cups can also be a fantastic way to get into the whole gourmet coffee scene for the first time – particularly where rare and sought-after commodities like Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee are concerned.

So while it may be true to say that the Keurig K Cup coffee making method costs more, it is not without its benefits. Particularly when it comes to the convenience and the guarantee of consistent results, K Cup coffee remains immensely popular for a good reason.

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