The Best Brewing Method for Hawaiian Kona Coffee Beans

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Declaring any coffee brewing method ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than any other is always a divisive issue. Truth is, there really is no such thing as an all-round ‘superior’ way to brew coffee.

It depends entirely on how you like it - the rest is inconsequential.

That said, buying the best Kona coffee Hawaii produces and then wrecking it during the brewing process is a bad idea. The best Kona coffee beans are known for packing a punch price wise - more than any other premium Hawaiian coffee.

Getting the most out of your investment means being mindful about the brewing process you choose, and how you go about it. But here’s the good news - the best way to brew sublime Hawaiian coffee at home is also the simplest.

This may stir debate among those who like to make things as theatrical as possible, but you cannot and will not go wrong with a decent French Press.

Why French Press is Best

There are a few things about the French Press brewing method that make it the perfect choice for the best Kona coffee beans.

Firstly, the removal of the paper filter means no tainting of the coffee’s flavor.  Secondly, it’s just about the simplest way of throwing a cup of coffee together, with none of the fuss or mess.

And of course, the fact that you can pick up a decent French Press for next to nothing is another bonus.

But even then, it’s the way you go about the actual brewing process that will make all the difference. Precisely where a few very basic guidelines can help, making it surprisingly simple to brew the best Hawaiian coffee you’ve ever tasted at home:

1) Grind Evenly

If possible, use a good burr coffee grinder to ensure the grounds are of an even consistency. Aim for grounds that are medium-coarse, rather than being so fine as to result in a muddy cup. Experiment with different levels of coarseness to suit your tastes, but medium-coarse is usually the sweet spot.

2) Ensure the Right Ratios

This is another very general guideline, which again can be adjusted to suit your own tastes and preferences. As a starting point, use approximately 180g (6.4oz) of water for every 12g (0.4oz) of ground coffee. This means aiming for an approximate ratio of 15 to 1, which will almost always produce an appealing cup.

3) Quality Water, Slightly Cooled

Last up, don’t forget that 98% of everything in the cup is water. Start out with low-quality water and even the best Kona coffee beans will produce disappointing results. Along with using filtered or mineral water with a pH of around 7, it is also essential to allow the boiled water to cool for a minute or two in the kettle. Never pour boiling water directly on to coffee grounds, as to do so will burn them.

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