Keurig K Cup Coffee Maker FAQs: Key K Cup Questions Answered

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Owning a Keurig K Cup coffee maker can be an absolute joy. Gourmet K Cup coffee in particular can be a real treat, as some of the world’s most prestigious coffees continue to appear in K Cup form.

From the best Kona coffee Hawaii produces (i.e. the best Hawaiian coffee) to the most exquisite Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans (i.e. the best Jamaican coffee), there’s no shortage of indulgent options to try out.

As something of a celebration of the Keurig coffee maker, we’ll today be looking at a few FAQs from Keurig K Cup machine owners. If you still have any questions or would like to learn more about K Cup coffee, the team at Hayman Coffee would be delighted to hear from you anytime.

1) Are Keurig Coffee Makers UL Certified?

Yes – the vast majority of Keurig coffee makers are UL certified, and you will usually find the official UL stamp on the base plate of your machine. UL certification indicates that a machine has passed rigorous tests and has met the highest possible safety requirements. It is not an indication of the quality of a product, but nonetheless shows it has been approved as safe to be sold on the US market.

2) What’s the Best Way to Clean a Keurig Coffee Maker?

Different K Cup machines need to be cleaned in different ways, and full details will be provided in the manufacturer’s guidelines. As a general rule of thumb, mixing up a vinegar-water solution and passing it through your Keurig coffee maker on a regular basis is the best way to prevent harmful limescale from building up. There are also various commercial (and branded) cleaning products you can pick up, which work in the same basic way.

3) What Temperature is the Water When Brewing a K Cup?

One of the biggest benefits of the Keurig single serve coffee maker is how simple it makes it to brew the perfect cup of coffee. The machine carefully controls water temperatures on the user’s behalf, which according to Keurig results in the perfect coffee brewing temperature of 192° F. This is just the right temperature to ensure optimum extraction from the coffee grounds, without scolding the coffee and resulting in a bitter brew.

4) Where Can I Find the Model Number of My K Cup Machine?

The model number of your Keurig K Cup coffee maker will be printed on the same panel as the UL certificate – usually the metal plate at the bottom. Alternatively, there may be a sticker somewhere on the unit (often hidden behind the drip tray) which will indicate the model number of your machine.

5) What is the Approximate Lifespan of a K Cup Machine?

It depends entirely on how often your machine is used, and whether it is maintained accordingly. A Keurig K Cup machine that is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and properly cleaned on a regular basis can have an indefinite lifespan. But if you allow limescale to build up inside your Keurig coffee maker, it may need to be repaired or replaced within a year or two.

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