Four Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Keurig K Cup Coffee Maker

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Traditionally, using any kind of single serve coffee maker at home has been something of a taboo subject. What with the difficulties involved in recycling when using K Cup pods, it was far from the most eco-friendly approach to brewing coffee.

Today, it’s an entirely different story. With a near-endless range of 100% recyclable K Cup coffee pods to choose from, a Keurig K Cup coffee maker can be every bit as efficient and eco-friendly as any other type of coffee machine.

If not, significantly more so.

In terms of convenience, owning a Keurig coffee maker can be an absolute joy.  There really is no easier way of throwing together a fantastic cup of coffee at the (literal) touch of a button.

But it is far from simple convenience that makes a Keurig single serve coffee maker worth owning. If you have been thinking about treating yourself to a new coffee machine and aren’t sure which way to go, there are several good reasons why a Keurig coffee maker could be just the thing.

No More Bad Coffee

The of the biggest benefits of owning a Keurig K Cup coffee maker is the way in which it is impossible to go wrong.  All aspects of the coffee brewing process are automated, and all weights and measures are carefully balanced on your behalf. This makes it practically impossible to brew anything other than a fantastic cup of coffee with a K Cup machine, with absolutely no effort required on your part.

No more bad coffee at home, just 100% coffee-house quality results each time.

One Cup Convenience

Another bonus Keurig K Cup coffee makers have over many conventional coffee machines is how they allow you to brew a single cup at a time. From start to finish, it typically takes no more than around 90 seconds to brew a cup of Keurig K Cup coffee. You brew exactly the amount you need at the time, meaning time wasted on brewing excess coffee, and absolutely no waste.

The better Keurig K Cup machines also offer a variety of brew sizes, so you can customize your brew to suit your preferred cup size.

Unbeatable Freshness

The seal on a Keurig K Cup is broken immediately before the coffee is brewed, no earlier.  By contrast, the seal on a bag of coffee beans or grounds could be broken days or even weeks before the product is used. This, in turn, adds up to and guaranteed freshness with every K Cup you brew with. 

Not to mention, that need to worry about having to toss dry and stale coffee grounds in the trash, if you do not get around to using them in time.

A World of Options to Explore

Last up, the sheer scope of options available with Keurig K Cup coffee is remarkable. From basic commercial coffee brands to the most exquisite Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee (i.e. the best Jamaican coffee) money can buy, it is all available in convenient K Cup form.

If looking to get a feel for what true gourmet coffee is all about, you’ll be right at home with a Keurig K Cup coffee maker on your counter.

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