When Did You Last (Properly) Clean Your Keurig Machine?

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One of the biggest benefits of owning a Keurig K Cup coffee maker is the way in which it practically takes care of itself.  All you have to do is pop a K Cup coffee pod into the holder and hit the button – the rest is all down to the machine.

Unfortunately, this kind of high-level automation often leads to the assumption that a Keurig K Cup brewer is self-cleaning. That if you use your machine regularly enough in the normal way, it will more or less clean itself in the process.

It won’t.

Keeping a Keurig single serve coffee maker holds the key to enjoying coffee that’s both delicious tasting and safe to drink. Sooner or later, Keurig coffee makers are susceptible to the same kind of dirt, grime and bacteria build-up that needs to be dealt with.

Not to mention, the accumulation of limescale that could eventually wreck your Keurig coffee maker from the inside

When Should You Clean Your Keurig?

A K Cup machine will often give you plenty of signs the time has come for a deep clean. Examples of these include strange or stale smells coming from any part of it, the visual accumulation of grime, or an unusual taste when brewing K Cups.

It could also be that the water isn’t flowing through the machine as quickly and efficiently as needed, or that there are inconsistencies with temperatures.

But even if you don’t notice any of these potential warning signs, you still need to treat your Keurig K Cup coffee maker to a deep clean on a regular basis. As a general rule of thumb, manufacturers of such machines recommend giving them a thorough clean at least once every month or two.

How to Clean Your Keurig Properly

As for the good news, giving a Keurig K Cup machine an intensive clean inside and out can be surprisingly straightforward. There are specialist (and branded) cleaning products you can pick up to get the job done, but you can achieve the same results with a few kitchen staples.

The first thing to do is remove anything that can be removed, and give it a good clean. Most bits and pieces that come off a Keurig K Cup coffee maker can be washed in the sink using detergent, before giving them a good rinse and allowing time to dry.

With the machine itself, descaling and cleaning it internally is a job for some white vinegar. Place around 10oz (i.e. 300ml) of white vinegar (or however much will fit comfortably) in the reservoir, before performing a handful of brew cycles without a K Cup in place. Follow with a couple of cycles of fresh water, and the job is pretty much done.

You can then get back to enjoying your favorite Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee pods (i.e. made with the best Jamaican coffee), safe in the knowledge your machine is as clean and hygienic as the day you bought it!

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