Creative Ways to Reuse Keurig K Cups

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The only thing better than recycling your old Keurig coffee maker’s K Cups is putting them to some kind of practical use yourself.  Recycling household waste is fantastic, but is nonetheless an energy-hungry and resource-intensive process in its own right.

Hence, anything you can do to reduce the amount of waste you produce can only be a good thing. If you get through a fair number of Keurig K Cup pods on a regular basis, why not get creative and give them a second life?

Here are just five of the many ways your old K Cup pods can be put to good use around the home and garden:

Seed Starters

First up, green-fingered coffee lovers will find spent Keurig K Cups the perfect size and shape for getting seedlings up and running indoors, prior to planting them outside.  Best of all, the used coffee grounds in the cups can be mixed with soil as a rich and decadent form of organic fertilizer. Simply add some soil to your used K Cups, pop two or three seeds into each, treat them to little water, and leave them to do their thing. Far better than throwing them out, and wasting money on plastic seed starters.

Frozen Herb Preservers

Your old K Cups can also be fantastic for ensuring any excess herbs and spices you have don’t go to waste. It’s the same trick as using an ice cube tray to preserve herbs, though even more convenient. Simply stuff a bunch of herbs into an old K Cup, before topping it up with water and placing it in the freezer.  Next time you want to pop up one of your recipes with a fresh burst of herby flavor, simply pop the frozen mixture directly into the pot.

K-Cup Pod Bath Bombs

If looking to do your bit for the environment while treating yourself to a well-deserved indulgence, why not learn how to make your own bath bombs?  Despite being horrendously overpriced by most major retailers, DIY bath bombs can be surprisingly simple to throw together yourself.  There are thousands of step-by-step guides and videos to check out on YouTube, and you’ll find your Keurig K Cups are the perfect molds for your homemade bath bombs. Fantastic for relaxing after a hard day, and also a great gift for all occasions.

DIY String Lights

Another simple yet enjoyable craft project for Keurig K Cup coffee maker owners, why not make your own string lights? All you need to do is pick up a basic set of string LEDs, pop them through holes in your K Cups, and paint them any colors you like.  The perfect kind of project to get the kids involved in, and just the thing for a touch of the magic of the holiday season.

Shot Glasses

Last up, spent K Cup pods make for exponentially more eco-friendly shot glasses than their disposable counterparts. You’ve already got a whole bunch at your disposal, so why buy more? They can also be fantastic for whipping up a batch of jello shots ahead of a party, or as molds for all kinds of mini-desserts.

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