Panama Geisha Coffee Beans - The Easter Coffee Treat

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Holidays and times for celebration come thick and fast, with little relent. Not that this is a bad thing, as what could be better than an excuse to spoil yourself and your loved ones rotten?

With Easter on the horizon, the time has come to once again think about the spread you’ll be putting on your nearest and dearest. If looking to make it an event to remember, nothing hits the spot quite like a cup of exquisite Geisha coffee, also known as Gesha coffee.

Panama Geisha coffee beans are perfect for special occasions like these.  Exquisite, indulgent and exclusive in equal measures, a cup of Geisha coffee is a treat to savor and remember.

Sure, it’s a premium commodity that packs an equally premium price tag. Even so, there are countless reasons why Geisha coffee is the perfect indulgence to treat yourself to this Easter.

Five of which are as follows:

1) It’s Good For You

First up, coffee has an extensive list of renowned and well-documented health benefits. This therefore means that by serving quality coffee this Easter, you’re giving your loved ones the gift of good health. If there was ever a reason to push the boat out with a bag of Panama Geisha coffee beans, surely this is it!

2) It’s Something New

Unless you are entertaining a group of committed coffee connoisseurs this Easter, it’s unlikely any of them will have tried Panama Geisha coffee before.  Hence, you have the perfect opportunity to introduce them to something new, and make it an event to remember. Even if they’re not the most discerning crowd, Panama Gesha coffee really is the ultimate crowd-pleaser.

3) It’s Getting More Expensive

As we’ve said on a number of occasions before, there’s no time like to present to give Geisha coffee a shot. This is due to the fact that while it may be a pricey commodity today, it is guaranteed to continue getting more expensive indefinitely. Demand continues to outstrip supply by a significant margin, and the disparity is growing each year. Panama Geisha coffee beans are not going to get any cheaper than they are right now, so you may as well take advantage while you can.

4) It Brings Bragging Rights

Deny it all you like, but there is something supremely satisfying about serving something seriously exclusive to family and friends. True, the majesty and prestige of Panama Geisha coffee beans may be lost on those who don’t know their instant from their espresso. But for those who know what top specialty coffee is, it’s hard not to be impressed when served a steaming cup of the best Geisha coffee.

5) You Deserve It!

Last up, times have been more than a little turbulent as of late for a long list of reasons. Taking the time to sit back and temporarily detach ourselves from the real world is something we should all be doing on a regular basis. If coffee is your passion and you simply feel like spoiling yourself, why not go for it? You’ve put up with plenty over the past couple of years - surely you’ve earned that top-shelf bag of Panama Geisha coffee beans you’ve been craving...right?

You can now order freshly roasted 100% Panama Geisha coffee from Hayman’s online store. It is available in different size options, from a 100g (3.5oz) to a 680g (24oz) box. You can also choose different formats, as our Panama Geisha is available as green coffee beans (i.e. unroasted coffee beans / raw coffee beans for home roasting with your coffee roaster), roasted whole bean coffee, ground coffee, coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso®* machines, and coffee pods compatible with Keurig K Cup coffee maker (incl. Keurig 2.0 models)** – click here to order your Gesha coffee now, we offer free worldwide shipping!


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