Gift Card or Panama Geisha Coffee Beans?

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At Hayman Coffee, we’re often approached by customers with questions on the ideal gifts for coffee lovers. A question for which we always offer the same answer without hesitation:

A bag of exquisite Panama Geisha coffee beans.

Rare, exclusive and curiously expensive, Geisha coffee (a.k.a. Gesha coffee) is a commodity of undeniable appeal. Having too many Panama Geisha coffee beans on hand simply isn’t a thing, thus making them the perfect gift idea for all occasions.

Giving the gift of Gesha coffee is all about treating the coffee lover in your life to something they wouldn’t normally indulge in. Perhaps the odd cup on occasion, but certainly not a bag of the finest Panama Geisha coffee beans money can buy.

In the spirit of giving and all-things generous, nothing hits the nail on the head quite like Gesha coffee.

That is, with the one exception of our electronic gift cards.

Spoilt for Choice

Here at Hayman Coffee, our electronic gift cards are as good as currency. They can be redeemed against any of the products featured in our online catalogue – including special offers and sale items.

This includes all Panama Geisha products we stock, along with all other gourmet coffee beans.

The beauty of electronic gift cards is the way in which it gives the recipient total freedom of choice. Not to mention, as much time as they like to decide what they want to spend their credit on.

For some, this represents the perfect excuse to buy themselves something they wouldn’t normally stretch to. Elsewhere, some gift card recipients can be surprisingly ‘sensible’ and restrictive with their spending.

Where those in the latter camp are concerned, simply receiving a gift card does not justify going nuts and buying something truly ostentatious. They may be craving an unforgettable cup of Geisha coffee, but splashing out on a bag of beans is another matter entirely.

Okay, So Which is Best?

When it comes to deciding between the two, the way we look at it is like this.

If looking to give the ultimate gift to a coffee lover who knows what they want and isn’t afraid to indulge, an electronic gift card is unbeatable. It provides them with unrestricted access to everything in our catalogue, including all sale items and reduced lines.

By contrast, if you know the recipient is more on the cautious side with their spending, you may as well go for Panama Geisha coffee beans. Otherwise, they may not push the boat out and treat themselves to what is officially the world’s most exquisite and exclusive coffee commodity.

All Choice, No Compromise…

At Hayman, we exclusively stock the highest-quality gourmet coffee from leading artisan producers worldwide. Whatever you or the recipient of your gift card have in mind, it’s a case of all choice and absolutely no compromise.

For more information on our electronic gift cards or to discuss any of our product lines in more detail, contact a member of the team at Hayman Coffee today.

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