What’s the Best Gift for a Coffee Lover This Christmas?

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Electronic gift cards are once again set to be the gift of the season. Faster, easier and indeed safer than shopping for gifts the old-fashioned way, electronic gift cards hold plenty of appeal.

But what if you would prefer to give something slightly more tangible to the coffee lover in your life? Assuming they’re something of a ‘selective’ coffee drinker, what kinds of coffee gifts are guaranteed to hit home?

However stocked their pantry and paraphernalia chest may be, you cannot and will not go wrong with any of the following:

1) Ultra-Premium Coffee

First up, no coffee lover on the face of the earth would turn down a bag of Panama Geisha coffee beans (a.k.a. Gesha coffee). In fact, they would probably snatch them out of your hands before you had time to wish them Merry Christmas! You can never have too much of a commodity like Gesha coffee, making it a no-brainer for coffee connoisseurs.

2) More Ultra-Premium Coffee

Better yet, why not pair some Panama Geisha coffee beans with some other high-end coffee products? Putting together the nicest of coffee gift baskets from scratch can be surprisingly easy. We’ve even put together a short guide on what to include, which you can find by clicking here.

3) The Full Green Coffee Experience

If they have not experienced the gift that is green coffee beans, why not introduce them to it? Getting into the whole green coffee thing paves the way for a whole new world of exploration, experimentation and enjoyment. Plus, the renowned health benefits of green coffee beans make it an even more meaningful gift for someone special.

4) A Taste of Cold Brew Coffee

The same also applies to cold brew coffee, which even today is wholly underrated. Well-made cold brew (which happens to be a doddle to make) is delicious on an indescribable level. Even so, it’s surprising how many coffee drinkers are reluctant to cross over to the cold and dark side. If this applies to the coffee lover in your life, consider gifting some hardware or consumables that will encourage them to give it a shot.

5) Coffee Brewing and Drinking Gear

Speaking of which, there is no such thing as having too much quality coffee brewing apparatus. Or for that matter, fantastic vessels for enjoying quality coffee at home and on the go. Portable insulated coffee cups in particular are very much the in thing, pairing versatility with heightened sustainability. You could even go for something personalized with a message or motif that means something to the recipient.

6) A Well-Received Gift Card

If all else fails, our electronic gift cards have you covered. This is a failsafe option that makes it impossible to go wrong, irrespective of how discerning (or downright difficult) the recipient is. Our electronic gift cards are available in pretty much any denomination imaginable, ready to download in seconds as the perfect last-minute gift.

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