Cold Brew Coffee FAQ: Your Questions Answered

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Cold brew is a fantastic creation for numerous reasons. It’s less acidic than conventional coffee, it has a completely different flavor profile and it’s remarkably easy to make. Some even say it’s better for sensitive stomachs, packing the full punch of high-intensity coffee without the harshness.

Celebrating the wonder that is cold brew coffee, we thought we’d take a look at a few related questions we commonly encounter. All in the name of spreading the word about cold brew coffee – an often underappreciated coffee commodity!

What are the best coffees to use for cold brew?

Kicking things off with the million-dollar question, the best coffee for cold brew is up to you to decide! Though it’s best to opt for something medium-bodied where possible, given how the resulting brew can be quite intense in flavor. In any case, most people enjoy experimenting with the addition of milk, cream, sugar, syrups and so on. So whichever way you go, there’s plenty of scope for adjusting your cold brew concentrate.

How long can I keep cold brew coffee in the fridge?

A freshly brewed batch of cold brew coffee can be stored safely in the fridge for at least a week, without losing any of its flavor. Anything still in the jar after 10 days should probably be discarded, as by this point it will definitely begin to taste off.

Do I need to keep cold brew refrigerated after making it?

Yes – it is essential to store your left-over cold brew in the fridge as quickly as possible after brewing it. The longer it sits out at room temperature, the quicker it will begin to lose its fabulous flavor and fragrance. It’s not that it will become dangerous to drink within a matter of hours, but it will certainly spoil faster if not kept in the fridge.

What is the optimum steeping time for cold brew?

Most recipes call for an average steeping time of around 12 hours, but there’s plenty of room for maneuver. If time is a factor, you’ll still come out with decent results after steeping for 8-10 hours. Likewise, some will tell you that leaving the mixture to do its thing for at least 16 hours produces unbeatable results. At the extreme end of the spectrum, 24 hours of steeping could result in a somewhat muddy-tasting brew.

What kind of consistency do the coffee grounds need to be?

In a word, course. You’ll need to set your coffee grinder to its coarse setting. They need to be more or less the same consistency as you would use in a French press, if not a little coarser.

Why do I need to use filtered water to make cold brew coffee?

Because the coffee you will be drinking will be comprised of around 99% water and 1% coffee. This therefore means that unless the water you use in the first place is as pure and good tasting as possible, you’ll be compromising the quality of the result before even getting started.

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