Can I Store Panama Geisha Coffee Beans Long Term?

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Tracking down a low-cost bag of Panama Geisha coffee beans isn’t really a thing. Geisha coffee (a.k.a. Gesha coffee) is one of the most expensive commodities of its kind, making outright bargains a real rarity.

If presented with an offer that seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

But there is, of course, one option available for at least moderately reducing the price of Panama Geisha coffee beans. As with pretty much every commodity in existence, bigger quantities mean bigger savings.

Sadly, this presents one major and seemingly inescapable conundrum for the true coffee-lover:

How to store those precious Panama Geisha coffee beans?

It’s no secret that even the best coffee beans begin to deteriorate in quality and appeal quite quickly. The sooner you enjoy your Gesha coffee after the beans are roasted, the better.

In which case, does this mean that buying in bulk is a bad idea? If you buy more Panama Geisha coffee beans than you can realistically use within a couple of months, will the remaining beans lose their luster?

The answer…well, it depends on who you ask!

Understanding the Basics

The simple fact of the matter is yes - coffee beans gradually degrade and deteriorate after being roasted. However, it’s widely believed that through proper and effective storage, it’s possible to preserve the freshness of coffee for longer.

Not indefinitely, but for a good 2-3 months.

Figuring out how to store premium coffee beans is actually quite simple. All you need to do is acknowledge the fact that there are four primary threats you must eliminate from the equation:

  • light
  • heat
  • moisture
  • oxygen

Now, the inclusion of ‘heat’ in this list has led some to believe the best way to preserve coffee beans is to freeze them. An idea grounded in at least some logic, but criticized by others as ineffective. 

At least, in the sense that frozen and thawed coffee beans are never quite as fantastic as they could be. 

Storing coffee beans the right way doesn’t have to be complicated. Given the above, you simply need to keep your beans in a cool, dark and dry place, while removing as much air as possible from your preferred storage vessel.

An airtight mason jar, sealed tightly and stored in a dark cupboard will do the job just fine. At least, in terms of keeping your beans fresh and tasty for a few weeks. If looking to take things further, there’s growing support behind the vacuum sealing method.

In theory, vacuum sealing coffee beans in small batches ticks all the right boxes. Almost no air is left behind in the packaging, no moisture can creep into the equation at all, and the bags can be stored in cool and dry conditions.

In practice, some have indeed claimed to have stored coffee beans for several months, without sacrificing too much of their appeal. So if you’re looking to make a modest saving by buying Panama Geisha coffee beans in bulk, vacuum sealing the surplus beans could be worth a shot. 

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