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Which is the Best Brewing Method for Geisha Coffee?

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Ask a dozen people about the ‘best’ thing to do with Panama Geisha coffee beans (a.k.a. Gesha coffee) and you’ll often get a dozen different answers. We all have our preferred brewing methods, whether whipping up a batch of Geisha coffee or something more generic.

But when looking to get the most out of a batch of super-premium beans, only the best will do.

In which case, do you need to step things up with your coffee brewing paraphernalia? Does the world’s best Panama Geisha coffee call for more sophisticated brewing than your usual method?

The answer is no - keeping things simple is actually the best way to go.

Back to Basics

With commodities like Panama Geisha coffee beans, it’s not the brewing method that makes the difference. It’s the way you go about it - i.e. the care and attention you invest along the way.

You can make a world-class cup of Panama Geisha coffee at home with nothing more than a good quality French Press. There really is no need to go to extremes with complicated brewing methods or elaborate gadgets.

In fact, complicated brewing methods could increase the risk of something going awry along the way. Experiment to your heart’s content, but stick with the brewing methods you know best with a commodity as valuable as this!

Four Steps to Sublime Panama Geisha Coffee

Irrespective of which way you prefer to brew your coffee, these are the four things that will determine quality of the result:

1) Grind Your Beans Carefully and Evenly

Careful and even grinding is really only possible with a good burr coffee grinder. If using a French Press, you’re in for a medium-course consistency with a longer infusion time in mind. A low-end electric coffee grinder can get the job done just fine, but tends to produce grounds that lack any real consistency.

2) Watch Those Water to Coffee Ratios

It’s entirely up to you to come up with your own award-worthy formula for fantastic Gesha coffee. Though as a starting point, it’s generally recommended to use 17g (0.6 oz) of coffee grounds for every 300ml (10.1 fl oz) of water. This will result in a medium-strength cup that’s suitable for most palates, which can of course be adjusted if you prefer your coffee stronger or weaker

3) Avoid Using Water Straight from the Tap

As we’re always keen to point out, at least 98% of the coffee you drink is nothing but water. So it stands to reason that the quality of the water you use will have a major impact on the quality of the coffee. Your tap water may be perfectly safe and clean, but it will still contain countless coffee-tainting impurities. Do yourself (and your Panama Geisha coffee beans) a favor by filtering your water before boiling.

4) Allow a Minute or Two to Cool

Last up, pouring freshly boiled water onto Geisha coffee grounds will burn them, resulting in a bitter taste. Before adding the water to your ground coffee, always give it a minute or two for the temperature to come down just a little.

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