Are Manual Coffee Grinders Always a Better Choice?

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The whole manual coffee grinder vs electric coffee grinder question never fails to spark debate. Truth is, both types of coffee grinders can produce consistently excellent results with little to no effort required. But when it comes to which of the two is ‘better’ overall, opinions differ hugely from one coffee-lover to the next.

These days, most newcomers to the whole third wave coffee movement instinctively go for electric coffee grinders. The obvious point of appeal with an electric grinder is its simplicity. If there’s a powered coffee grinder available for a lower price than a manual grinder, it’s a pretty easy choice…right? However, a good electric coffee grinder tends to be more expensive than a quality manual one.

There are several additional benefits exclusive to manual coffee grinders that are worth considering. If both options are available and at reasonable price points, here’s why a manual coffee grinder can often be a superior option:

1) A Question of Consistency

If you take your coffee seriously, you probably understand the importance of consistency.  This refers to consistency of the grounds after grinding the beans - i.e. the extent to which as many fragments as possible are of a similar size and shape. Manual grinders make it a breeze to grind beans with superior consistency, when compared to a low-priced electric coffee grinder. All of which contributes to a more consistent and superior cup.

2) On-the-Go Enjoyment

Camping trips, long journeys, festivals, days at the beach - a compact manual coffee grinder can be taken wherever you go. They’re also far quieter and more discreet to use in general, meaning you won’t have to worry about disturbing anyone else in the vicinity. Portable electric grinders are an option, but rarely get the job done nearly as well as a portable manual grinder.

3) Cost-Effectiveness

Another major advantage of the manual coffee grinder is the way in which they practically last forever. At least, if you pick up a good quality grinder in the first place, like the excellent Comandante coffee grinder, which with just a tiny bit of tender loving care will probably outlive you!  Ever wondered why there’s such a huge market for antique coffee grinders that still function flawlessly? Simplicity in design makes them practically bulletproof and exceptionally cost-effective.

4) Supreme Satisfaction

Last up, there’s no denying the feeling of outright satisfaction that comes with cracking and crushing coffee beans by hand. Pressing the button on an electric coffee grinder is one thing, but turning the crank on a manual grinder to enjoy that satisfying crunch is all part and parcel of the ceremony. At least, if you’re the type of person who gets a kick out of the whole experience.

In Summary…

Technically speaking, electric coffee grinders and manual coffee grinders have the potential to be equal in terms of quality and performance.  Nevertheless, there are several major advantages to manual grinders that are worth considering, before picking up the latest electric gadgets.

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