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There will always be those wines and coffees which more than justify their elevated prices, when considering what you get for your money. Some are simply overpriced, but when it comes to rare commodities like the Panama Geisha Coffee, value for money is not a subject of debate.

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If coffee terminology and jargon weren’t already complicated enough, there are also plenty of words that have double-meanings. Or at least, words that sound the same but actually refer to two completely different things. One example being Cona Coffee and Kona Coffee.

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jamaican blue mountain london, jamaican blue mountain coffee, blue mountain coffee, jamaican coffee

It wasn’t all that long ago that Blue Mountain Coffee was borderline impossible to get hold of in London. Where it was available, it fetched the kind of heavy price that made it a truly exclusive commodity. Certainly the kind of coffee comparatively few were able to experience.

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Kona Coffee

If you’re looking for a great coffee to enjoy for a relaxing break, you’re certainly not short on options these days. Even at the highest end of the quality scale, there are hundreds of different coffees doing the rounds that are all worth trying out.

But when our customers ask us to narrow things down, there’s one coffee we never hesitate to recommend - Kona coffee

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Here’s a question – what could you buy as the best of coffee gifts for the gourmet coffee lover in your life? Assuming they already have plenty of gadgets and all manner of beans to suit their selective tastes, where to even start looking for the most amazing of coffee presents?

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Here’s a question – what’s the deal with Kopi Luwak? You’ve heard of it, you know it’s expensive and you’re aware of its reputation, but really…what’s it all about?
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blue mountain coffee, jamaican blue mountain coffee, jamaican coffee, blue mountain coffee beans

It’s often said to enjoy the real Blue Mountain Coffee experience, you need to head over to its native Jamaica. In reality however, you really only need to pick up a batch of these premium Jamaican coffee beans anywhere you can find them to discover the difference in an instant.
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Following the huge success of our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee capsules, Hayman decided to go one step further (or, in this case, three steps further) and extend our remarkable product range to include three other spectacular coffee

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Freshly roasted Nespresso compatible Jamaica Blue Mountain pods & capsules

Hayman is happy to share that our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee has been awarded an 88/100 top rating by Coffee Review, the world’s leading coffee guide.

The famous guide described our unique coffee as “delicate, gently bright and lightly fruit-toned”. They have also highlighted the coffee’s pineapple and chocolate notes, together with the “silky mouthfeel” that transported them to a pleasing “crisp and sweet finish”.

We are delighted to receive such an important recognition for our freshly roasted Nespresso ® compatible pods & capsules, which is a testament to the supreme quality of the coffee offered by Hayman, the first to bring you only the greatest and rarest coffees.

Click here to read the full review: http://www.coffeereview.com/review/jamaica-blue-mountain-5/

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The two main coffee species are Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee, responsible for about 60% and 40% of all world coffee production, respectively. The best Arabica coffee is also known as specialty coffee / speciality coffeegourmet coffee, or third wave coffee.

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