How to Spot the Coffee Snob at Work

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Let’s face it – every office has its own third wave coffee snob. In fact, some workplaces have more than their fair share.

Now, whether it’s wrong or not to be a gourmet coffee snob is a debate we’ll leave to you. Either way, more Brits than ever before are being swept away by the whole speciality coffee movement. Pick up a bag of high-end speciality coffee beans and it isn’t difficult to understand why.

Incredibly, the UK’s new-wave coffee culture has created a dynamic industry valued at more than £9 billion. Not to mention, a growing contingency of gourmet coffee connoisseurs.

But where can a line be drawn between a specialty coffee connoisseur and your everyday coffee snob?

Spot any of the following in the office and you’ll probably know which you’re looking at:

1) They Bring Brewing Gadgets to Work

Most people are happy to get a decent cup of instant coffee at work. For those hooked on the third wave coffee movement, there’s no shame in bringing all manner of weird and wonderful gadgets into the workplace. Rather than ‘lowering themselves’ to the swill in the canteen, they knock up their own gourmet coffee. And have a tendency to do so only when as many people as possible are looking.

2) They Sneer at You for Going to Starbucks

Say what you want about the whole capitalist element of coffee shop culture, but some of the biggest names in the business put out some seriously decent coffee.  Not that the coffee snob in the office would agree – he or she would prefer to go thirsty than step through the door of a chain. Not only this, but they go to extremes to make you feel you’re somehow breaking an on written commandment by doing so.

3) You’ve Never Heard of Their Favourite Coffees

For the speciality coffee snob, rare and complicated are always better. To such an extent that they’ll often deliberately favour the kinds of products you’ve neither heard of nor can pronounce properly. They see rarity and weirdness as marks of exclusivity and snigger at those who aren’t on their level.

4) Every Conversation Comes Back to Coffee

Somehow, the conversation you started about an IT issue has turned into a chat about their latest third wave coffee adventure. Not to mention, the kind of conversation that seems to drag on for an eternity…most probably a repeat performance of your last chat. The classic coffee snob simply cannot accept that those around them aren’t nearly interested in specialty coffee as they are.

5) If it’s Mass-Produced, They Won’t Touch It

Last but not least, another tell-tale sign of coffee snobbery is the outright refusal to try anything that isn’t a specialty coffee. Irrespective of how fantastic it may be, they won’t even give it a shot if it was manufactured by a known brand. Again, they’d rather go without than lower themselves to such levels!

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