Five Coffee-Themed Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Coming up with creative and meaningful Mother’s Day gifts every year isn’t easy. The temptation can be to just phone it in, but let’s face it - moms deserve better!

Mercifully, coffee-loving moms are pretty easy to shop for. Mother’s Day gift ideas for coffee-lovers are in no short supply, making it fairly straightforward to pick up the most perfect of coffee gifts each year.

Detailed below, you’ll find five simple yet fool-proof coffee-loving mom gift ideas. All a slight break from the norm, combining kindness and sentiment with something perfectly practical.

Let’s dive in:

1) Ninja Coffee Bar

First up, the Ninja Coffee Bar comes highly recommended to anyone looking to push the boat out this year. This gorgeous piece of kit is as practical and versatile as it is awesome to look at, making it quick and easy to put together almost any type of specialty coffee drink. The Ninja can also knock up an amazing iced coffee, and comes complete with an in-built frother. Compact, easy to use and built to last, the Ninja Coffee Bar will make a welcome addition to any kitchen countertop.

2) A Cold Brew Coffee Maker

You could also take the opportunity to introduce you mom to the fabulous world of cold brew coffee this Mother’s Day. Cold brew coffee has a tendency to be under-appreciated by most people who’ve yet to try it. A world away from conventional iced coffee, cold brew really is a pleasure all of its own. One that paves the way for endless experimentation, once you’ve got to grips with the basics. You can technically use a simple everyday jar to make cold brew coffee, but a specialist cold brewer takes some beating.

3) Gourmet Coffee Beans

The ultimate failsafe for coffee-lovers for all occasions, you’re always right at home with a bag of the best coffee beans in the world. Examples of which include Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, Hawaii Kona coffee, and Panama Geisha Coffee, the kinds of rare and exquisite pleasures that make the perfect coffee gifts.  Set your sights on something you know your mom will appreciate, but probably wouldn’t normally treat herself to. Splash out on something seriously luxurious, because she definitely deserves it!

4) Temperature Control Mug

Admittedly, this neat little device is more about interesting gimmicks than it is general practicality. Still, the idea of a smart mug that can actively and precisely control the temperature of the coffee within is compelling. Some temperature control mugs can even be controlled by Bluetooth, meaning you can adjust the temperature of your coffee from your smartphone.

5) Quality Milk Frother

Last up, the market for milk frothers is extensive to say the least, with options available to suit all requirements and budgets. But there’s a reason why some of these devices are sold for pennies and others carry a premium price. At the latter end of the scale, the highest-quality frothers available are fantastic for making the most sumptuously luxurious and decadently frothed milk in seconds. If that’s the kind of coffee your mom likes, you may have just found the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea

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