Whole Bean vs Ground Coffee: 3 Reasons To Buy Whole Bean

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You’d think that the whole debate as to whole bean coffee vs pre-ground would have been put to rest by now, but no. Instead, it continues to rage as strongly as ever. 

For some, picking up anything but the best coffee beans in the world is a pointless endeavor. For others, brewing with whole bean coffee is a waste of time and effort, if you can just as easily buy ground coffee.

Technically speaking, there is at least a degree of logic to the latter argument.  That is, until you once again consider the benefits of buying coffee beans over grounds.

Three of which stand head and shoulders above the rest, and here they are:

1) Whole Bean Coffee Is Fresh When You Buy It

Admittedly, freshness varies in accordance with when the beans were roasted and how well they are packaged. Nevertheless, nothing takes a toll on freshness and quality quite like grinding a coffee bean. From the moment the beans are ground, they begin losing everything that made them great in the first place.

This subsequently means that coffee grounds are almost never as fresh as whole bean coffee. There may be the odd exception to the rule where storage conditions were debatable, but it’s a general rule that applies in most instances. Coffee grounds lose masses of their fragrance and flavor in a matter of minutes – something to bear in mind next time you’re out shopping.

2) You Can Grind Coffee Beans for Any Brewing Method

When you buy ground coffee, you’re limited to the brewing methods the grounds are compatible with. More often than not, pre-ground coffee is ground to a fine size. This makes it suitable for a standard auto drip pot, but not for most other brewing methods.

French Press, espresso, pour over coffee and so on – all call for a different grind sizes, if looking to produce the best possible results. When you buy whole bean coffee to grind at home, you gain total control over grind size. This means that whatever your preferred brewing method is, you can ensure your beans are ground exactly as they need to be – right before you brew them. 

3) Grinding Your Own Means More Control Over the Flavor

Last up, taking control of the grinding process means also taking control over the flavor of your coffee. This is due to the fact that grind size has a major impact on the strength and bitterness of the resulting cup.

For example, if your coffee is too weak as a result of under-extraction, you can experiment with finer grounds to bring out more of its flavors. There’s plenty of room for experimentation, enabling you to pinpoint your perfect coarseness for your preferred brewing method.

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