What Makes the Best Whole Bean Coffee So Good?

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Whole bean coffee isn’t what you’d call a new or particularly rare commodity.  However, not every coffee bean you come across ranks among the best coffee beans in the world. And just for the record, you don’t have to be a coffee connoisseur to appreciate the very best whole bean coffee when you experience it.

We’ve always believed that the whole coffee bean holds the key to the best cup of coffee you’ll ever taste. It’s not to say that ground coffee isn’t without its charms, but whole bean coffee really is in a league of its own. Grind each coffee bean only when you intend to use it immediately afterwards and the difference really is remarkable.

This is particularly true if you’re planning to buy the best coffee beans in the world - why let a shred of fabulous flavour go to waste?


It’s possible to brew a decent cup of coffee with just about any quality whole bean coffee. But why is it that some whole bean coffee is prized so highly? Or more importantly, what makes the difference from one coffee bean to the next?

The short answer - it all comes down to the way each individual coffee bean is produced and processed. On the whole, there are four contributors to the final product that determine its quality and appeal, which are as follows:

1) Elevation. It’s been learned over time that the higher the altitude of the plantation, the slower the growth of the coffee trees and the longer it takes for the berries to ripen. This results in a more arduous and time-consuming cultivation process, but also produces dense and flavour-packed coffee beans of exceptional quality.

2) Species and Varietal. Only when you compare several different species of coffee like Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee, you truly get to grips with their unique flavours and fragrances. Arabica coffee varietals from Bourbon, to Typica, to Geisha, the best coffee beans in the world all have their unique points of appeal. So even when two coffee beans look the same, it’s worth remembering that looks can be deceiving.

3) Processing. There are various different methods by which coffee beans can be processed, though the most favourable are those that are 100% organic and environmentally friendly. More often than not, beans that are hand-picked, individually assessed and processed by hand result in the most outstanding coffee money can buy.

4) Roast. Last but not least, the final roasting process has perhaps the most dramatic impact of all on the final product. Light-roasted coffee has a less intense flavour and a higher caffeine content (on average), while darker roasts are more full-bodied and bitter. There’s no such thing as a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ roast for any coffee bean - it’s all down to personal preference.

So whether you opt for the cheapest whole bean coffee or the best coffee beans in the world, the final product will have been affected by all of the above. Next time you brew a cup, it’s worth considering just what each and every bean has been through to make it into your home!

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