Quality Whole Bean Coffee: 10 More Reasons to Indulge

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You don’t need to look far to find a good excuse to brew a gorgeous cup of whole bean coffee. Nor is there any shame in splashing out on the best coffee beans in the world from time to time. The humble coffee bean is a source of unbridled enjoyment for millions, but there’s more to your favourite cup of joe than great taste alone.

As far as the science of coffee goes, a good cup of whole bean coffee could do your health and wellbeing a world of good!

The way we see it, this means all the more reason to treat yourself and your loved one to the best coffee beans in the world. If you need any more convincing, here’s a quick rundown of 10 more reasons to indulge in your favourite whole bean coffee - all backed by extensive scientific research:

  1. According to the results of a study carried out in 2007, just two cups of coffee is enough to reduce muscle pain following exercise by up to 48%.
  2. Believe it or not, but the coffee bean you’re looking at is a surprisingly generous source of fibre. In fact, a single cup of coffee can contain close to 2g of dietary fibre.
  3. Coffee has shown remarkable prowess in protecting the liver from cirrhosis. Not quite as effectively as a healthy lifestyle, but a great additional protective measure nonetheless.
  4. There’s also evidence to suggest that consuming six or more cups of coffee per day reduces diabetes risk by 22%. Decaf coffee was found to be less effective, though still beneficial.
  5. Alzheimer’s risk may also decrease with regular coffee intake, according to a study recently published in the European Journal of Neurology.
  6. Not only is quality whole bean coffee a product of pure pleasure, but it may also reduce your likelihood of suffering from depression by up to 20%.
  7. A study into the causes and effects of Parkinson’s disease found that coffee drinkers are statistically less likely to fall victim to the disease than those who abstained.
  8. A very similar finding was made when studying the effects of coffee consumption on heart disease risk. Specifically, individuals drinking three to five cups of coffee per day are more likely to avoid heart disease throughout life.
  9. For obvious reasons, the energising effects of regular (yet controlled) caffeine intake can make the respective individual more positive, productive and efficient.
  10. Last but not least, a paper recently featured in the European Journal of Nutrition found that regular coffee drinkers have stronger DNA than those who drink less coffee or no coffee at all.

And there you have it - 10 good excuses to order a batch of the best coffee beans in the world and indulge to your heart’s content! Just be sure that next time you grind that humble coffee bean to perfection, you take a moment to consider just how remarkable it really is!

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