What is the Best Way to Prepare Panama Geisha Coffee?

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Ask a dozen coffee lovers about the best way to utilize Panama geisha coffee beans (aka Gesha coffee) and you will most likely get a dozen different answers. Everyone has their preferred brewing method, and it’s perfectly possible to brew fantastic coffee using any standard system.

But when it comes to the ‘best’ ways to brew and enjoy premium products like Geisha coffee, are any specific brewing methods better than any other? Are you guaranteed a superior cup by favoring a particular brewing method for your Panama Geisha coffee beans?

Contrary to widespread assumptions, the answer is...no.

The simple fact of the matter is that the actual brewing method you choose when working with Panama Geisha coffee beans is all about personal preference.

From French Press to pour over to drip to Aeropress, you can brew and enjoy Panama Geisha coffee beans any way you like. Over time, you can also make adjustments to your preferred method to suit your exact tastes (in terms of strength, boldness, and so on).

But as far as the basics of the brewing process go, this is what you need to do to get the very best out of your Panama Geisha coffee beans:

1) Use freshly roasted beans: Panama Geisha coffee is a specialty coffee and should be treated as such. Make sure to use freshly roasted beans, ideally within three months of the roast date.

2) Use a simple brewing method: Panama Gesha coffee is a delicate coffee, with a unique flavor profile that can be easily compromised by overly complex brewing methods. A pour-over or siphon brew method is the easiest way to get the best out of your Panama Geisha coffee beans, but you can use just about any other system you like.

3) Use the right grind size: The grind size should be adjusted to match the brewing method you're using. A finer grind will work well with a pour-over, while a slightly coarser grind is better for a siphon brew.

4) Use the right water temperature: The water temperature for brewing should be between 195 to 205°F (90-96°C). Under no circumstances is it advisable to brew coffee of any kind with boiling water, as it will immediately compromise its flavor and quality.

5) Use the right ratio of coffee to water: The recommended ratio for brewing Panama Geisha coffee is 1:15 (coffee to water), but you may adjust to your taste.

6) Savour it: Once brewed, take your time to enjoy the aroma and flavors of your Panama Geisha coffee, and appreciate the hard work and dedication of the farmers, roasters, and other professionals who made this rare and delicious specialty coffee possible.

Whether you add anything to the final product is up to you, but this is definitely a fantastic gourmet coffee that is best enjoyed untainted.

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