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Why Insulated Mugs Are the Ultimate Coffee Gifts

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As far as coffee presents go, few are better received than coffee gift baskets.  After all, what could be better than a whole bunch of coffee gifts combined into one thoughtful bundle?

In terms of what to throw into your coffee gift baskets, there’s no shortage of options to explore. Gourmet coffee beans, the latest brewing paraphernalia, egift cards to be spent on anything they like – or even the sky isn’t the limit.

Even so, there is one thing all coffee gift baskets should contain, which all coffee lovers without exception will appreciate:

A good thermos mug.

Insulated coffee mugs are the kings and queens of coffee presents for a handful of reasons. Whether putting together a bespoke coffee gift basket or looking for the perfect coffee present for any occasion, here’s why you cannot go wrong with a thermos mug:

1) They Make Good Coffee Taste Better

First up, it is a proven scientific fact that coffee tastes better when enjoyed at the right temperature. Coffee that’s headed for lukewarm territory doesn't taste nearly as good as its hot equivalent. Hence, anyone who knows what good coffee is all about will appreciate the insulating properties of a good thermos mug.

2) Disposable Coffee Cups Aren’t Always Recyclable

Contrary to popular belief, not all disposable coffee cups are 100% recyclable. Some can only be recycled in part, while others are not recyclable at all. This means that each time you use and discard such a cup, you’re doing your bit to make overflowing landfills even more problematic. With a good thermos cup, you need never harm the environment with a disposable coffee cup again.

3) Nor Are They Necessarily Safe

Worse still, most disposable coffee cups are lined with a thin layer of plastic, which enables them to support the hot liquid within.  Practical perhaps, but also the kind of thing that could be doing a number on your health and wellbeing. The risks associated with the overuse of plastics are only just becoming apparent – particularly those used in mainstream food service. Hence, if there’s a way to avoid exposure to potentially harmful plastics, it’s probably best to do just that.

4) A Thermos Mug Can Save You Money

In an effort to champion sustainability, more coffee shops than ever before are offering special deals and discounts to customers who bring their own cups.  Every little bit helps, and a good thermos cup can be the kind of coffee gift that keeps on giving. The more regularly the recipient frequents their favorite coffee shop, the more they stand to save long-term.

5) They Can Be Personalized

Last up, the only thing better than a high-quality insulated coffee cup is a personalized coffee cup. Personalized coffee gifts in general are always well received, showing a level of thought and sentiment that goes beyond the generic. Think of something that means something to the recipient (or will amuse them in some way), and then emblazon it proudly on their bespoke thermos cup.

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