Best PLACES to Visit in Panama (Part II)

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Fan of Nature? Fan of Outdoors? If so, we have the best country for you to visit. Between Costa Rica and Colombia, there’s Panama, a rich and thriving country full of points of interest. This gorgeous country that links the Atlantic and Pacific oceans through its world-famous canal has a lot to offer.


And with that in mind, you can discover the best coffee in the world, Panama Geisha Coffee (aka Gesha Coffee). From the Boquete Valley, you can discover a premium gourmet coffee, with notes of mango and mandarin. You can visit this coffee’s birthplace and much more:

  • Boquete, a small mountain town located in the valley of a river called Caldera. From there you can start the journey to visit the stunning Baru volcano. Most importantly, it is where Panama Geisha coffee beans, the best coffee in the world, are grown;
  • Not only a fishing village, but also a very famous surfing spot, Santa Catalina is for sure one of the most prized jewels of the Veraguas province. The sand on Santa Catalina beaches is darker than usual due to volcanic influence and its waves can reach 10 meters high for the delight of experienced surfers!
  • Isla Taboga is just 12 miles from Panama City. It features centuries old defenses against pirates. It offers luxurious hibiscus and bougainvillea gardens, while also being home to one of the largest populations of brown pelicans.
  • Pedasi, a fishing town with colonial buildings, is very popular among expats. Its #1 touristic attraction is a nature reserve full of exotic tropical birds and other unique animals. But, first of all, start your day with Geisha coffee, made with the best coffee beans in the world.
  • Isla Grande, located in the province of Colón. It offers many beautiful beaches with white sand and light blue water. Due to its extensive coral reefs, it is a great location for snorkeling and diving. So, just 14 kilometers away from the historical city of Portobello, you have this unmissable bit of paradise waiting for you. 
  • Peninsula de Azuero. In this region of Panama, you will absorb a rich history which blends perfectly with its typical colonial architecture. The peninsula has three distinct provinces: Veraguas, Herrera, and Los Santos. Azuero’s carnival is quite famous and in the Peninsula’s beaches you will find the perfect conditions for surfing. Don’t hesitate to visit the stunning Azuero’s peninsula and end your day with a cup of coffee made with Panama Geisha coffee beans, by far the best coffee beans in the world.
  • The Cocle province is 115 kilometers from Panama City, which translates into an easy 2-hour drive on the highway that connects the capital to Cocle. Once there, you can explore the El Caño Archaeological Park or visit the small town of La Pintada, where you can get the famous “Painted Hat”, produced using very old technics passed on from generation to generation and rightly considered by Unesco an Intangible Cultural Heritage. Start your day with a cup of Panama Gesha coffee, made with the best coffee beans in the world, and then head towards Cocle!
  • Portobelo, once one of the most important ports in the Caribbean. Start by strolling down its quiet streets. Then visit the Customs House, a building made of stone, which was a kind of secure warehouse for Peruvian gold. Also, don’t miss the Fuerte San Jerónimo, an old fortress. Portobelo has African roots and celebrates its vibrant culture with two nice festivals worth attending. But, first of all, don’t forget to warm up for another excellent day in the country with the famous Panama Geisha coffee, made with the best coffee beans in the world!

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