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Ground Coffee

Hayman brings you the best ground coffee, freshly roasted for you. It is very easy to order your ground coffee on our website. Once you have chosen your favourite coffee varieties, you just need to select the appropriate coffee grind level (i.e. a finer or a coarser grind) depending on your preferred brewing method.

Hayman brings you the world's best specialty coffees in 5 different grinds, which perfectly suit each existing brewing method:

  • Cafetière grind (suitable for cafetière, French press, percolator, and cold brew);
  • Filter grind (suitable for filter, drip, pour over, chemex, Hario V60, aeropress, and siphon);
  • Espresso grind (suitable for espresso and moka);
  • Turkish grind;
  • Universal grind (for when you are not sure about the brewing method that will be used).

Coffee Grind Levels

It is very important to note that each brewing method requires a specific grind level. For instance, the Turkish coffee brewing method requires the finest grind of all, whereas the French press needs a very coarse grind. If you do not get the right grind level for each brewing method, the taste of your coffee won't be optimal.

We only recommend our universal grind for those instances when you are not sure about the coffee brewing method that is going to be used (for instance when the coffee is a gift to someone), otherwise it is always better to select one of the specific grinds listed above.

In case you need assistance choosing the right grind level, please call our coffee experts at +44 20 3239 8049 or email us at customercare@haymancoffee.com, we are always happy to help you.

Best Ground Coffee

Hayman is proud to offer you only the best ground coffee, known as specialty coffee (also called speciality coffee). Specialty ground coffee should not be confused with gourmet or premium coffee. The latter are marketing terms with no defined standards. According to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), of which Hayman is a member, only coffee which scores 80 points or above on a 100-point scale can be graded specialty ground coffee.

Specialty coffee is grown in ideal climates and is distinctive because of its impressive cup taste and little, to no defects. Its single aroma and flavour are a result of the special features of the soil of the production and of the coffee processing method used after the harvest of the fields.

If you invest the best ground coffee, it is critical that it is always freshly roasted. Contrary to other products maturing for a long while, such as fine alcohol, coffee starts losing its flavour and aroma once roasted, namely through the action of oxygen, moisture and light. This loss of aroma and flavour over time takes place even if ground coffee is adequately protected. The negative effect of time is even more pronounced on ground coffee, as ground coffee loses its freshness faster than whole coffee beans.

Hayman offers only top quality specialty coffee, roasted to order for you, and nothing else. Roasted to order means that the ground coffee is only roasted once we receive your order. We do not stock roasted beans or ground coffee, because that would negatively affect the aroma and flavour of your coffee, which is totally against our maximum quality approach.

Only the very best ground coffee, freshly roasted for you.

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