Roasted Ground Coffee

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Hayman brings you the best ground coffee. It is very easy to order roasted ground coffee from our online store. Once you have chosen your favorite coffee varieties, you just need to select the appropriate coffee grind level (i.e. a finer or a coarser grind), depending on your preferred brewing method.

Hayman brings you the world's best ground coffee in 5 different grind levels, for perfect results with each brewing method: 

It is very important to note that each brewing method requires ground coffee with a specific grind level. For instance, the Turkish coffee brewing method needs the finest grind of all, whereas the French press requires a very coarse grind. If you do not use the right grind level for each brewing method, the taste of your coffee won't be optimal.

We only recommend our universal grind for those instances when you are not sure about the coffee brewing method that is going to be used (for instance when the coffee is a gift to someone), otherwise it is always better to select one of the specific grinds listed above.

Finally, we don't need to mention that in addition to the best ground coffee, you will also need fresh ground coffee to prepare the most amazing cup of coffee ever! But rest assured, this is fully guaranteed when you order your ground coffee from Hayman!