Prepare a delicious cup of Turkish coffee!

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is renowned for its extremely powerful and flavourful profile. Prepared in a small pot known as an ibrik, Turkish coffee is enormously popular all over the world, though particularly in Mediterranean regions.

If you want to have a go at brewing some for yourself, you are essentially going to need just an ibrik, a source of heat and freshly ground coffee. One important thing to remember being that when it comes to Turkish coffee, you need to use grounds that are as fine as possible – pretty much like powder.

Step 1.

If brewing using a standard 8 oz. ibrik, then it’s a case of filling the pot with water right up until the point where it reaches the ‘neck’ of the ibrik. You have to be very precise with this, ensuring that the water reaches the neck but doesn’t actually go into it.

Step 2.

Now comes the time to add the coffee, for which you will need around 50% of the ibrik’s capacity in terms of weight. Roughly translated, if you are using an 8 oz. ibrik, you are going to need 4 generous teaspoons of coffee.

Step 3.

When you add the coffee to the water, you will know that the grounds float on the top. This is exactly what is supposed to happen with Turkish coffee and under no circumstances should you attempt to stir them in! Odd as it may seem, this is exactly as it is supposed to be.

Step 4.

After this, it is a case of placing the pot on a medium-high heat source and keeping a very, VERY close eye on it! Trust us when we say that turning your back on Turkish coffee during the brewing process is a pretty terrible idea!  What’s more, the water should never fully boil. If it does, throw the whole thing out and start again.

Step 5.

When the coffee begins to foam, remove the pot from the heat source just before it reaches the top. When this happens, give the whole thing a careful stir and the foam will gradually subside. Place it back on the heat and repeat the process a second time.

Step 6.

Repeat the process a third time, only on this occasion remove the foam, rather than stirring it back into the coffee. While some people genuinely enjoy Turkish coffee foam, others cannot stand it. So it’s up to you whether you keep it and top your coffee with it, or simply throw it down the sink.

Step 7.

Get the pot approximately 30 seconds (or a little longer) to allow the remaining grinds to sink to the bottom. After which, it is simply a case of pouring the coffee into your chosen cups, ensuring you leave the last 5% or so in the pot as there’ll be plenty of sludge in the bottom.

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