The Cool Aeropress Coffee Brewing Method!

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Ok, so here’s one interesting fact you probably never knew about the Aeropress. Believe it or not, this weird and wonderful contraption was invented by the same genius responsible for the Aerobie! You know, the record-breaking frisbee that was a pretty legendary piece of kit back in the 90s?

Not that it matters, but it’s still worth knowing!

But what does matter is getting the technique right to brew your own top-quality Aeropress coffee at home. So if you’re all geared-up and ready to get started, here’s how it works:

Step 1

You’ll need to prep about 18g of ground coffee (not too fine) and 200g of boiling water.

Step 2

Take the detachable plastic cap off the Aeropress and insert a paper filter.

Step 3

Wet the cap and the filter with a little water, which along with heating the vessel helps create a better seal. Just be careful not to burn your fingers as it does get a little fiddly.

Step 4

Put the various pieces of your Aeropress together and make sure it’s all nicely dry and sealed.

Step 5

With the flared end up, place the whole thing on a kitchen scale and hit the ‘tare’ button. At this point, you can add the coffee grounds, making sure you don’t accidentally spill any into the gutter-ring at the top.

Step 6

Always use water as close to the 200 degrees F mark (i.e. 93 degrees Celsius) as you can for the best possible results. However much coffee you added (check the scales), you’ll need to add precisely twice as much water. Though you can of course experiment with weaker or stronger brews.

Step 7

Ensure that all the coffee is sufficiently saturated and leave the whole thing to rest for about 30-40 seconds.

Step 8

You can then go ahead and fill the chamber with the rest of the water.

Step 9

Give it all about 60 seconds or so, after which you’ll want to agitate the grounds by stirring them 10-12 times.

Step 10

Place the cap on the end and lock it into position tightly. You’ll now need to flip the whole thing over with purpose, speed and lots of care! Place it above your brew vessel and start the pushing. You should feel a serious amount of resistance while doing so – if things are too easy, it’s no doubt a case of your grounds being too coarse. Likewise, if it’s too hard to push, you might need to grind them a little coarser next time.

Step 11

Wait to hear the hissing sound, at which point there’s no more water in the unit and you’re done.

Step 12

Remove the filter and the compressed coffee from the Aeropress as soon as possible to make it easier to clean, before pouring and enjoying your creation!

Does the Aeropress method really result in superior coffee? That’s a debate we’ll be leaving open to you!

But one thing’s for sure – it really does produce an amazing cup of coffee and is tons of fun to play with. So for this reason along, it’s definitely worth giving Aeropress coffee a try for yourself!

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