What Your Coffee Order Says About You

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Some would say that tying personality traits to coffee preferences is a form of pigeonholing. Which may technically be true, but it can also be quite interesting...and a lot of fun!

Of course, the type of coffee you drink says a lot about how seriously you take your java. If only the best Kona coffee beans will do, you’re clearly quite the sophisticated coffee-lover. If you can tell your Hawaiian coffee from your Panama geisha coffee beans (a.k.a. Gesha coffee) at a sniff, you’re part of the elite.

But whether drinking the best Kona coffee Hawaii produces or opting for something a little more generic, your preferred recipe (apparently) says a lot about you.

Take a look at the following and see if any of it rings a bell - both with you and those you enjoy drinking coffee with:

(Brief disclaimer - we are not personally saying we agree or disagree with any of these associations!)


First up, people with a penchant for a frothy cappuccino are said to be naturally sensitive and optimistic individuals. They’re also the most social of coffee drinkers and enjoy nothing more than relaxing with family and friends. For these folks, the social aspect of the whole thing is as important as the coffee itself.

Instant Coffee

If instant coffee is your thing, you’re most likely a busy multitasker who takes productivity seriously. You probably have little time to spare and know that with the right product, you can still enjoy a good cup of coffee without the fuss. These tend to be no-nonsense folks who are all about keeping things simple.


People who love a good latte are more about the laid back side of life, where watching time fly without a care in the world is often the only priority. There’s a time and a place to take life seriously, but it’s not when settling into a comfy chair with your favorite milky drink. Latte drinkers are also said to be naturally kind, caring and empathetic individuals.

Black Coffee

The purists of the group, people who refuse to drink anything but black coffee are straightforward (if not sometimes perhaps a little stubborn) in their ways. They’re pragmatic and plainly spoken individuals, and are also exactly the types of people you can count on in a crisis situation.


Legend has it that a taste for the classic espresso is indicative of elegance and sophistication, along with a fairly busy schedule that doesn’t lend time to longer drinks. The exception being those who sit outside cafes for hours on end nursing a single tiny espresso, for whom time is often an alien concept.

Iced Coffee

Last up, it tends to be a younger and more vibrant crowd that makes a beeline for iced coffee. This counts double where those cookie-loaded ultra-creamy concoctions are concerned, which are more akin to desserts that coffee in the conventional sense. If this is your thing, you’re most likely either young or young at heart!

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