Three Reasons Why Pour Over Coffee is Awesome

pour over coffee, filter coffee

It’s not unusual to encounter a coffee connoisseur who frowns on the idea of filter coffee. These being the coffee connoisseurs we refer to more appropriately as coffee snobs. The simple fact of the matter being that when prepared properly, filter coffee can be every bit as delicious as coffee brewed using any other method.

In fact, we genuinely believe that pour over coffee can actually be superior to some of its counterparts. It may be one of the simplest approaches, but nobody ever said you need to complicate things to make a good cup.

Filter coffee is something of an all-time classic and well within the capabilities of anyone. It can also be comprehensively cheap to prepare and doesn’t involve a great deal of messing about.

More specifically, we’re firm believers in the following three reasons why pour over coffee always has been and always will be simply awesome:

1) Total Control of the Process

Rather than letting a machine do all the work on your behalf, filter coffee is all about a back-to-basics DIY approach. If you truly love coffee, you’ll appreciate the ceremony of grinding your own beans, dosing the perfect quantity of grounds, ensuring the water is the perfect temperature and so on. Best of all, a little experimentation with your pour over coffee and you’ll soon have the magic formula for the best cup you’ve ever tasted.

2) No Specialist Equipment Required

Filter coffee is perhaps the antithesis of the usual overcomplicated 21st century brewing methods.  There will always be those who believe that in order to brew an amazing cup of coffee you need to take things to extremes.  Which they do, with the most bizarre and often overpriced contraptions money can buy. With traditional filter coffee, all you need is some good coffee, a basic filter, a grinder and a quantity of water. No necessary extras are no need to overspend on hardware you simply don’t need. Brewing filter coffee also means minimal mess to clear up afterwards.

3) Superb Results

Last but not least, anyone who says you can’t make a world-class cup of coffee using the pour over coffee method is clearly doing something wrong.  It’s not a matter for the debate, it’s a fact – filter coffee has the potential to be every bit as delicious and consistently delicious as coffee brewed using any other method. Some brewing methods are all about needless complexity simply for the sake of it – pour over coffee is the exact opposite. Just the basic tools you need, the best coffee beans you can lay your hands on and the traditional core of the process.

And there you have it – three reasons we’ll always believe pour over coffee is simply awesome. There’s nothing wrong with playing around with the latest gadgets and contraptions. It’s just that if you don’t want to, you don’t have to – and you can still make an epic cup of coffee!

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