Panama Geisha Coffee Beans: To Freeze or Not to Freeze?

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Deals and discounts on Panama Geisha coffee beans are rare, to say the least.  Precisely why Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be the best times of all to set your sights on a bargain.

Even so, taking full advantage of the very best Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals comes with a caveat. You’ve decided to indulge in a generously-sized bag of Panama Geisha coffee beans (aka Gesha coffee), but how to keep them fresh for as long as possible?

Truth is, there’s no point picking up high-end Panama Geisha coffee beans in bulk, only to watch them slowly deteriorate. Panama Geisha coffee should be enjoyed at its freshest or not at all – it really is that simple.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales often bring irresistible discounts on the best coffee beans in the world, and it can be tempting to buy more than you need.  At which point, you may find yourself wondering whether freezing a bunch of beans is the way to go, in order to preserve their freshness.

It’s a coffee preservation method that never fails to spark debate, but what is the final word on freezing gourmet coffee beans?

To Freeze or Not to Freeze...

Whether it is worth freezing gourmet coffee beans is, to a degree, entirely subjective.

On the positive side of the argument, freezing just about anything can indeed extend its shelf life. Compared to a bag of coffee beans left out in the open indefinitely, freezing could be an effective way to safeguard your investment.

On the downside, freezing coffee beans can and will take a toll on their quality.  Coffee beans have a delicate oil and moisture balance that gives them their distinctive fragrance and flavor. Deep-freezing coffee beans sends this balance completely out of whack, resulting in coffee that doesn’t taste nearly as fresh or balanced.

That said, coffee brewed from frozen and thawed beans will probably be more pleasant than coffee brewed with stale and dry coffee beans. Hence, the subjective nature of the whole thing.

What About Freezing Coffee Grounds?

While it may seem counterproductive, many experts recommend grinding surplus coffee beans before freezing them. Counterintuitive as it may appear on the surface, this can actually be a good way of preserving the coffee’s quality and freshness.

The natural expansion and contraction that takes place during freezing and thawing don’t have nearly as dramatic an effect on ground coffee as it does whole bean coffee. This, therefore, means that by grinding your beans before freezing them, you could be looking at a fresher and more enjoyable cup when the time comes.

However, it is essential to freeze your grounds immediately after grinding them and to freeze them in small batches in airtight containers. Vacuum-sealed bags are the best option for preserving coffee grounds long-term, irrespective of whether you store them in the freezer or elsewhere.

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