Six Fascinating Facts About Black Friday

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals trigger the world’s collective urge to spend money like nothing else. To such an extent that many will happily sit on their cash all year, waiting patiently for Black Friday sales to arrive before going nuts.

But what’s interesting about Black Friday is how comparatively few people know a great deal about this day of great deals. You might know it’s the perfect time to pick up some Panama Geisha coffee beans (a.k.a. Gesha coffee) at a discounted price, but how about the history and origins of the event itself?

For those looking to get to know Black Friday deals on a slightly deeper level, here are 6 interesting facts you probably never knew:

1) "Black Friday" used to refer to stock market crashes

Back in the 1800s, the term “Black Friday” had nothing to do with shopping.  Instead, the phrase was coined for the first time (officially) in 1869, when the price of gold plummeted due to action taken by the government and countless investors lost a huge amount of money.

2) Philadelphia takes credit for its modern interpretation

The City of Philadelphia is largely credited with creating the concept of Black Friday sales as we know it today. Local police forces who were completely fed up of the chaos on this huge shopping day started calling it “Black Friday”, which initially did not go down well with retailers. The city attempted to rebrand Black Friday “Big Friday” in 1961, but the initiative failed.

3) Black Friday only recently became the biggest annual shopping day

Up until 2001, Black Friday was not the biggest shopping day of the year.  Instead, it was the Saturday before Christmas – the day when those who have a tendency to leave things until the last minute hit the stores in a state of panic.  Today, however, it’s the biggest shopping day of the year by a huge margin.

4) Not all of the best deals are available on Black Friday

Research carried out over the years suggests that some products and items can actually be cheaper on different days of the year.  For example, electronic items tend to be at their cheapest at the start of November, while toy offers are at their best the day before Thanksgiving. Sporting goods and apparel can be picked up at their cheapest prices on Thanksgiving Day, while the few days running up to Christmas can see prices in general reduced by 10% of 15% more than on Black Friday.

5) Patience is a virtue when prices are low

Incredibly, polls have demonstrated how the average Black Friday shopper is willing to wait a full 2.5 hours in line to score a good deal. Irrespective of how bad the weather may be, you apparently cannot put a price on a reduced price.

6) Spending on Black Friday is extraordinary

Last but not least, it was back in 2017 that the average amount a Black Friday shopper spends passed the $1,000 threshold for the first time. That’s an average of $1,000 spent by every shopper hitting the stores, making it the single most lucrative date on the calendar for retailers by far.

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