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How to Percolate Like a Pro (Almost)

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An expertly brewed cup of percolator coffee can be an absolute dream come true. Contrary to popular belief, there’s no need to invest in the most advanced brewing technology on the market to make outstanding coffee at home.

Nor do you need to take an online barista course to pick up the skills needed to get the job done.

The humble coffee percolator has been around for generations, simplifying the process of brewing black gold for millions. In which case, why is it that the percolator coffee at your local coffee shop always tastes better than yours?

More importantly, what can (and should) you be doing to ensure a consistently barista-quality cup at home?

Truth is, the key to percolating like a pro lies in just five things:

1) Grinding the Best Coffee Beans Just Before Brewing

This applies to all coffee-brewing methods without exception. Where beans are ground just before brewing, the results are always vastly superior. Irrespective of the simplicity of the brewing method, grinding at the last minute is very important. Don’t let the simplicity of the percolator fool you into thinking you can use low-grade coffee and still produce decent results. You can’t and you won’t…period!

2) Getting the Water Temperature Spot On

However well you know your stovetop, heating water to a precise temperature is a trial and error process. When brewing coffee in a percolator, the temperature needs to be held between 92° C and 96° C (i.e. between 198° F and 205° F) for the duration. Close to boiling, but these few degrees below boiling point makes all the difference. If the water is too hot, it will scold the beans and ruin the final product. There’s no such thing as being too precise with water temperatures, if looking to brew barista-quality coffee at home.

3) Be Meticulous with Measurements

The general guideline with percolator coffee is to use 14 grams (i.e. 0.49 oz) of grounds for every 250 milliliters (i.e. 8.45 US fluid oz) of water.  However, this does not necessarily mean that the strength of the resulting brew will be to your taste. Again, there’s a degree of trial and error involved, in order to find the perfect ratio for you. While experimenting, be meticulous with your measurements and take notes along the way.

4) Be Equally Tenacious with Timings

The same can also be said for timings, as it takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to brew quality percolator coffee. The perfect timing within these lower and upper limits is for you to determine, with a similar trial and error approach.  Percolator coffee becomes bolder and more bitter the longer it brews, so consider pouring early if you prefer a lighter cup.

5) Experiment with Different Types of Coffee

Last but not least, different types of coffee respond better or worse to different brewing methods. The same bag of beans ground and brewed in several different ways will inherently produce several different cups. Experimentation is all part and parcel of the enjoyment with gourmet coffee, so feel free to switch things up and  try something new.

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